Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sief's Zief ( Lies in Arabic )

Quick review :

  1. He started out saying that he would be honest and wouldn't lie.
  2. He says that the number of dead in Benghazi were over exaggerated and never reached 250. My brother, who is still a med student, had to work in the hospitals and clinics of Benghazi because of the sheer number of deaths and the number 250 is an underestimation. And the names and pictures of those killed will be forthcoming.
  3. He is trying to drive a wedge between the Libyan tribes and make it look as if it is only the east of Libya that require freeedom. Even though all the tribes have united against his father and family.
  4. He is trying to frighten the west by claims that there are islamic emirates in the east and that islamists are the ones that stole the weapons in Bieda. His own uncles ( his mothers family ) stood up against his dad in Bieda and it was the local police from Bieda that turned their guns against Khamis's ( his brother ) Battalion after they saw the mercenaries killing Libyans. Then they distributed the weapons to their tribes so they can free Al-Bieda from his brothers battalion. They then moved on
  5. He claimed that the government had nothing to do with the mercenaries. That is a lie ! the mercenaries were brought into Meitiga airport and they put libyan police force suits on in the airport before boarding planes for Benghazi . THEIR ARE EYEWITNESSES AND WE WERE ALERTING THE DEMONSTRATERS IN BENGHAZI AND BIEDA TO INTERCEPT THE PLANES AT THE AIRPORTS WE KNOW THE DETAILS OF THE FLIGHTS.
  6. He said that there were more than 10,000 supporters in Tripoli for his father. They never exceeded 500 and they were all brought in from Sebha and Sirt. Right now they are been kicked out of the green square which has been renamed the martyrs square.
  7. In ending I anticipate that the government will try to sabotage the gaslines that go to europe through Italy to try to get Western support for them to stay in power or at least give their western allies a cause belle to intervene on their behalf.

They are playing with fire .............