Saturday, February 19, 2011

Benghazi Now !!!!!

Demonstrators at the gate of the main garrison for the revolutionary
committee in Benghazi. Using a bulldozer to access it.
Demonstrators are getting mowed down by anti aircraft guns and 14.5
guns and the bulldozers are being hit by RPGs.
Abdul fatih younis minister of interior says that what happened in
Benghazi was carried out by mercenaries and bultajia ( thugs ) and as
such resigns ( probably to relieve himself of responsibility and
accountability for what happened ).
A lot of dead ambulances are taking 3 demonstrators at a time and
can't keep up with the dead and injured.
Tanks seen in tripoli heading towards Benghazi, international monitors
required urgently before the massacre becomes worse.
Two military planes headed towards Benghazi with African militia.

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in english. embarrass western governments !


PH said...

Gunfire heard now in tripoli.

PH said...

Fashloom area of tripoli has anti-government demonstrations. And they are surrounded by pro-government demonstrators ( from outside of tripoli from sebha and sirt ) and anti demonstration police.

PH said...

Armed men in civilian clothes killing indiscriminately in Benghazi with ak47s. They are walking casually and just killing anyone who passes by. Some of them are in cars.

PH said...

Reports of military aircrafts. With African militias landing in tripoli military airportn( maietiga )

ibeebarbie said...

God protect the people of Libya. Change is so hard for some, and so desperately needed for others. The one thing we can count on in this life is change. I only wish it didn't have to be so painful and doesn't have to be that way. :(