Sunday, February 20, 2011

Live From Libya Now ! 7 pm 20th Feb

Internet is crap and I don't know how long it will last, so I'll be posting and updating as I go. Refresh to read.

Benghazi :

  • Libyanna ( mobile company ) sent a message to all the citizens of Benghazi telling them to go home; as it is their job to defend Benghazi.
  • Weapons and soldiers arrived from Bieda and its surrounding area.
  • The 64th battalion and Abdulfath Younis's ( عبدالفتاح يونس) special forces battalion attacking the main revolutionary guard garison in benghazi ( الفضيل بوعمر). Fighting is ongoing.
  • General Population of Benghazi arming up with everything in their grasp.
  • People chanting muammer here we come for you, death is coming.
  • Crowds are larger than ever seen ( they were nearly 100,000 ) three days ago.
  • Helicopter shot down by the people of Benghazi.
Beni Walid :

  • We called 20 mintues ago and got confirmation that a battalion from the Werfalla tribe are on their way to Tripoli ( anti - government ).
Zawiya :

  • Call 15 minutes ago, the city is free and empty of any government battalions. We told them what is happening in Benghazi and they said they are on their way to Tripoli to free it !
Tripoli :

  • Last night Demonstrators came out in Fashloom ( area in Tripoli ) ( I witnessed it ) and started protesting and pelting the buildings of the revolutionary committe with stones. The police and pro goverments demonstrators didn't approach them; but followed them home and abducted them from their houses . Some of them younger than 14 years old.
  • today in the morning the parents of the aforementioned demonstrators are in front of the court house in Tripoli ( Siedi Street ) ( شارع سيدي ) trying to get their children released.
  • Mobile phone coverage is intermittent right now and sometimes non existants.
  • Heavy fighting and gunshots in ghout Alsha3al and Ghorji in tripoli ( now 8:20 pm Libya time )

Al-Juffra & Wadan :

The head of the tribes in the area have started to organize themselves to counter battalions sent to their areas. ( this was 3 hours ago ). the tribes in these areas have weapons.

gherian :

Dead in protests last night no updates since.

Ajdabiya, Rajban, Zantan :

Haven't been able to get through to anyone from them. Pray for them ............


PH said...

No mobile coverage on the Madar Network right now in Tripoli.

PH said...

Gun Shoots in the Area of Zawiat Al-Dahmani ( زاوية الدهماني) in Tripoli

PH said...

battle in Benghazi still ongoing. They are attacking the revolutionary guards barracks with anti aircraft guns and rocket launchers.

PH said...

Al Mahdi Al-Arbi ( المهدي العربي ) has officially joined the demonstrators in Al-Zawyia with his men. He is the head of the Military Service ( Military Draft ) in Libya ( المناوبة الشعبية ).

PH said...

Relatives calling me from inside the garrison of the revolutionary guard it has been totally taken over.
The guy who was responsible for the Abu Saleem massacre ( عبدالله السنوسي )
has escaped to another base in Benghazi ( 7th of April base ) and he is being pursued right now.

Hareega said...

thanks a lot for the updates, what a tough time you guys are going through, God bless you

ibeebarbie said...

Thank you for the updates. May you be watched over, and kept safe during this turbulant time, inshallah.

Benghazi Citizen said...

Go bless LIBYA
Tank you ph
take care
Benghai Citizen

PH said...

latest update :