Monday, February 21, 2011

Misinformation ? Loss of Credibility ?

To tired and stressed to type myself; but loss of communications and satellite has created a lot of rumors. And I didn't hear a lot of bombs in Tripoli ( maybe one -not sure- ); but their seems to be some false info being spread to discredit Aljazeera and the Libyans. Not that their aren't deaths or gunshots. That I can confirm. There have also been betrayals in Benghazi and Zawiya even though the traitors in Benghazi are being dealt with : Anyway this post illustrates it ( from Hafed Alghewal ) :

Message from a friend in Tripoli few minutes ago:

Hafed what the hell is going on???

I am in Tripoli and have been following the libyafeb17 site. The posts they have today about bombing and air strikes across Tripoli and Musrata and Zawia is total rubbish. I don’t know who is feeding them this info but it’s not true. I sent them three emails confirming that three areas were not under fire.

It took me about 5 hours to make the three calls to verify. This after a couple of friends freaked out due to the claims that we were being massacred. I fear that this is “cry wolf” strategy.

Across Tripoli nothing much is happing other than we sitting in our homes, glued to the TV and trying to call around and see what is happening. It might be that they will hit hard later on when we are all so fed up and tired of the “isha3at”. We are (a large number of us) afraid that if and when that happens none of the media or countries across the world will believe us.

One thing has been confirmed though, by witnesses and people who were able to contact their families and loved ones in some areas: where ever there are protests, they are shooting at them from helicopters. According to people in Tajoura and in Ben Ashur in Tripoli, the same happened there too. We say these helicopters – the ones that transport soldiers and military gear, fly over Tripoli from west to east and back many many times all day long.

Someone has to contact aljazira and the press (all those who have supported us so far) and make them aware of this. You know how Libyans love drama. Yes terrible things have happened but we fear that there might be worse to come AND that, once it does arrive, it will be too late. Our credibility will be lost. There is no one here to verify these things. Media and the press in Libya are what you know they are: anything but …..

The Libyan TV is regurgitating rubbish and terrible rubbish: they brought on a couple of Tunisians and Egyptians - that they clearly have beaten up - to make them “confess” that they were distributing drugs and pills for free among Libyan youth to lead them to what happened here. Earlier, the so-called ministry of defense is urging people and families to turn in their kids – drug addicts adolescents, they called them – because they looted banks and set public buildings and court houses ablaze to destroy the files in which their crimes are supposedly documented.

So basically, according to our honorable official “hedgehog” tv station, those who took hold of the entire province of Cyrenaica, including airports, barracks, police stations, military police and paid the highest price there is, are druggies and drunkies!!!! Furthermore, the Ganfood TV said that the highest command asked the Dhubbat Ahrar to help the security forces catch them and gun them down because they are being used and manipulated and used by “external” forces to spread confusion in Libya.

Confusion will set in and this is a critical time. Not because of “long arms” linked to heads and bodies outside this country but because of the bitterness that greets all our people every morning when they step out of bed and awaits them at the end of the day. We have a word in Arabic that I don’t know the equivalent of in English, it’s “hassra”… I can think of one thing to describe it: when you heart chokes on a constant feeling that everything in this world is wrong. We have been through a lot. I pray to God that it will soon be over.

For me either with death or clarity don’t really know if there is a difference between them.