Monday, September 1, 2008

He kissed his hands

I knew Berlusconi was the pathetic opportunist type of capitalist; but really how hypocritical and pathetic can one get .............. he actually kissed the hands of Omar Al-Mukhtars son ???
All for some Oil contracts !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Nasimlibya `√ said...

ya it's true the oil makes impossible possible

Anonymous said...

These people are willing to do anything that benefits their countries and people, whereas, our Tartoor and his cronies are waisting Libya's wealth left and right.

Omar Gheriani said...

Ramadan Mubarak PH to you and your family. Kul Sanna wa untum bekhair.

PH said...

@ nasim :


@ anonymous :

I don't think he's doing it for his country, he nearly owns most of it. he probably doing it to get a cut in the deals himself.

@ gheriani :

Wa untum bekhier inshaa Allah.

salaam all

Ruwida Ashour said...
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Anonymous said...

dude.. at least u gotta give mu3ammar one thing at least.. he did manage to demonstrate the lowliness and hypocrisy of western rhetoric as well as managing to show up the hypocrisies and lowliness of Libyans :D.. i mean.. who woulda think it?.. this leader accepts the mans feet in the face, this world leader hugs and chants.. and this world leader kisses his hand.. and condi is on her way..

Please.. mummar feels like God.. and who can take that away from him? no one.. no ONE..

Herr Esharif said...

I think oil one reason bt nt all reasons ... Wait next days 2 see d truth ... Salam

Highlander said...

You know PH, no compensation can be enough but seeing the guy kiss a Libyan's hands is enough to tamsa7 3al algalb. Anyway at the very least the Italian colonialist era atrocities are acknowledged and if we can get rid of their mines which are maiming our people and herds it would be even better as no one hears about these sad stories. The media does not care it seems.

On another note: Ramadan Mubarak to you and now we are waited breathlessly for your take on Condi's visit :P

Anonymous said...

Hi Ph,
Ramadan Kareem, may Allah bless you...

a_akak said...

I know its for oil but I think the recognition of their atrocities is a good step in the right direction and the deal will have some good for libyans but as you say it wont make us forget nor is in intended too

Fe Aman Allah

PH said...

@ Weda :


@ anonymous :

I wasn't discrediting him - god forbid - I was talking about Berlusconi :P here is an article that you might like.

@ abdullah :

Yes Oil is only part of it I agree. Italy has more interest in our gas than our oil, especially given Russia's current attitude; but I don't see much more ... and I waited :D.

@ highlander :

enough to tamsa7 3al algalb

Not for me. I see their acknowledgment as fake especially since the current government is supported by many right wing fascists, to me it's just a business deal and whenever the Italians get another chance to invade us they will. Many of them still believe Libya is their fourth shore.

PH said...

@ sarora :

Ramadan Kareem to you too and to all your family as well.

@ akak :

I agree that the deal is good for the Libyans but as I said above I doubt their intentions ;).


on the edge said...

What's that song say ??? Money talks and Bull sh_t walks !