Sunday, August 10, 2008

Pictures of Bush discussing the Russian Georgian war

I saw the first picture and thought they were too indecent to be posted; but the second picture was really too much for me >:) so I just have to share them with you ( both pictures aren't suitable for children O:-) ). The first picture is of Bush discussing the war with two of what seems to be his adviser's 8-| . While the second is of him explaining to one of his adviser's how he plans to land the marines on the shores of Georgia, using the back of his second adviser as a map @-) .


Khalid said...

I don’t find his disgusting/dumb pictures shocking anymore!, after eight years of scandals he grew a thicker skin, and we got used to seeing him embarrassing himself.

on the edge said...

Well , after he gets on the "ball" , so to speak , te he , he will have to call up the draft again since there aren't enough Marines to go around !