Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hijacked plane lands in Libya

It seems, according to this report, that a hijacked Sudanese plane has been allowed to land in Libya. Libyan officials say that they have been able to secure the release of all the hostages except for the plane crew ( 87 passengers and 8 crew members ). The hijackers are demanding fuel so they can continue on to Paris- France. There are conflicting reports on the number of hijackers some report them as a group while, here, it is reported that it's only one hijacker armed with a knife. There are three senior members of a Darfur rebel group ( the Minni Minnawi ), who signed a peace agreement with the Sudanese government in 2006, but their group denies involvement in the hijacking .... and reportedly the plane pilot told the Libyan authorities that the hijackers were members of the Sudanese Liberation Movement (SLM) ... lets hope the crew members get released quickly and Libya doesn't get sucked into this problem any further.
Of course whether or not the hijacker is a terrorist is still to be determined, based on whether or not he supports the Darfur separatists :P .

( Photo from AP )


Ruwida Ashour said...

salam..really why at alkuffra specially & hw easily getting all passengers out...really i think there's some hting wrong...aljazeera said that they were what fool hijackers who release all passengers...& why sudan is confirming 2 bring them back 2 sudan....don't they know them..they came from sudan...really i couldn't understand it all..there's something hidden.....any way i wish they all leave our country without any prlpems

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hijack your space here , but I came across this somewhere and thought you might like to read it too . Again my apologies ....

I have been able to wean myself off any news about Libya for about a year now. Give or take the odd times when I was unable to resist reading a news story or two, I have been quite successful so far. The reasons are many and not the subject of this writing, but it mainly had to do with how reading any news about Libya depressed me to the core.

Few days ago I was sent a copy of the speech Seif El-Gaddfi gave last week, and decided to read it … a bad decision, I now know.

Now I must confess that I never thought much of this guy. I never actually respected him. I have a hard time respecting people who manage to reach their late 30s but still don’t own even a pair of socks that they actually earned legitimately through honest work. So anyone who dresses up in the most expensive cloths, flies in private jets, owns rare tigers, and stays in 5star hotels, entirely financed by stolen money from his own people—since no one actually knows how he gets it other than by being Gaddafi’s son and gets his bills paid from the coffers of the Libyan people -- has very little chance in earning my respect. This is obviously, and even especially, true of people like Seif who I have always found lacking in basic intelligence, judging by what I have read of his previous comments.

The speech he gave last week did not change my mind about his lack of intellect and even proper education, despite his pathetic attempts to buy a degree from the London School of Economics – a fast becoming educational equivalent of a street walker - and to refer to some historical and literary content that seemed out of place, and utterly misunderstood by him. In fact he always seemed to me to be far more like his father who also suffers from an incredible degree of ignorance mixed with high levels of narcissistic delusions of intellectual superiority- which if Libya lives under normal circumstances would warrant at least some sort of mental treatment if not long term hospitalization.

The speech itself struck me as a collection of self congratulatory lies about his own achievements - and those of his gang of close associates -widely known in Libya and outside of it as thieves and 10-percenters – and a complete out-of-touch-assessment of the actual state of Libya and its hopelessly clogged “reform process”.

Don’t get me wrong, I have no problems with people being totally free to believe whatever they like and have their own opinions, but I do have a problem with people who like to have their own facts. The Gaddafis, father and son seem to be completely in this category however. They actually even go further and demand that the hordes of Libyans enslaved and imprisoned by them, and their mafia family, must also share those personal “facts” as well.

I must admit however that there was one thing in the speech that was worth mentioning and is promising, but only time will tell if it will become a reality, and that is Seif’s promise to stay out of politics from now on… not economics, or more accurately illegitimate money making mind you – which is what I suspect he will be doing more of from now on – but at least it’s a start. I only wish he can also persuade his father, sister, brothers, cousins and the rest of his Dracula-like clan to do the same, may be even promise to quit Libya all together and move somewhere else.

I recall many a times however, when another Gaddafi, the senior and more criminal and less glossy one, swore to high heaven he will leave politics as well.

It’s been 39 years and we are still waiting for him to fulfill his pledge.

Despite all the moral sickness and rottenness that at times appear to have found a permanent home in Libya, thanks to the hard work and dedication of the Gaddafis, I remain fully convinced with the words of the Qur’an …“Don’t be fooled by what is rotten…even if it appears to be much”

I suspect Saddam Hussien and his clan will fully agree.

PH said...

@ anonymous :

No it's ok. I only have one objection though, next time you post something provide a source and give credit to it original author, who is Hafed Al-Ghwell .....

Highlander said...

LOL I thought the words that anon posted seemed familiar. Now I recall reading them on Hafed's blog.

OK for my 2 cents PH, imagine this plane was American and not Sudanese ? we would never here the end of it - even if the resolution had been that quick ...