Sunday, December 2, 2007

Old and New Libyan License Plates

I've just stumbled across this website ( via TheB-Sides ) which shows license plates from around the world and from different periods of rule. So I checked for Libyan plates and managed to find the set I've posted below that include plates from the Italian occupation era :-O.

The only plates I've seen are the ones from the 1997 to 2001 set. I think they are lacking the yellow plates for the pick up trucks and some other plates from the 90's, but its a good collection nonetheless ;). You'll also notice how different numerical systems were used during different eras :-B.


Anglo-Libyan said...

wow i like this post a lot :o)

last year I posted about the Libyan family which own a car with this number plate: LIBYA (L1BYA) which is worth 1000s of pounds.

ibeebarbie said...

Salam PH,
What a great post. How fun to see previous license plates. We still, but rarely, see old California plates driving around and it's kind of cool to see.

PH said...

@ Anglo :

hey there nice to see you out and about :P.
I like the plates as well I just wish somebody could make a collection of them and have them displayed somewhere. It would be as ibeearabie said "kind of cool" :).
About that plate post I never read it, :"> can you provide us with a link ( me too lazy :P ).

@ ibeebarbie :

Thanks, I agree it is fun and actually you can find California plates here on the same site. In Libya we don't get to see old plates, because we went through too many wars and colonial rulers for the plates to hang around :P.


dusk till dawn said...

thats realy amazing to see the old and the new , how much it has changed .well done to find out and thanx for posting it ,

PH said...

You are more than welcome DTD, I'm glad you enjoyed it :D.


Unknown said...

u r such a great internet digger, how did u come up with these?
astonishing to see the old plate, how terrible it was, did u think nowadays plates will be ugly few years later???

PH said...

"u r such a great internet digger, how did u come up with these?"

It was just luck, actually I wasn't even looking for them they just crossed my path :P.
Nice observation on how the plates change ;).


a_akak said...

Thats cool, but i think the lastest one is the best looking especially 6-5 or 37-5 (YES!!!!)

Fe Aman Allah

PH said...

"especially 6-5 or 37-5 (YES!!!!)"

Well if you live there they must be the best ;).


Anonymous said...

its cool I like it mashaAllah nice post wallahi
I didn't imagine that im gonna see them all
fe aman Allah

PH said...

I'm glad you liked them I actually didn't think there had been so many different plates in Libya :P.


BuJ said...

PH, this is a nice post, and thanks for the pictures :-)

I love the L.T. on the plates, I guess it stands for Libya Tripoli.. but you know in the UAE where the driving is below even learner's level we have the letters L T on the learning car, but the T = ta' (in Arabic) which means Learner = Ta3leem.

However we all affectionately refer to those with L.T. plates as Lissa Teis :-)

Hopefully the situation is better in Libya!

Anglo Libyan, I guess the L1BYA number plate is quite expensive but I see no point in those plates coz I'd rather no one know my nationality. I'd go for a plate with my nickname or initials instead. I wonder how much "NUM 1" would cost? DVLA Swansea anyone?

PH said...

"PH, this is a nice post, and thanks for the pictures :-)"

You're welcome Buj, glad you enjoyed it ;)

"Hopefully the situation is better in Libya!"

Yes it is, we don't have a license plate for newbies .... so there is no discrimination, bas lissa ties :)).