Sunday, December 16, 2007

Wireless Missile Launcher

Well these should take the boredom out of the office hours >:).

You can get more details from the original source here if you want to buy it ( yes its for real :-O).
Here's a demonstration of a battery of the previous wired version I found on Youtube thats been tweaked with a camera for tracking :


Hiba said...

الواحد يتمني يملك واحده منهم....
باش يحرر نفسه من الأفكار الشيطانية

شكرا علي الفيديو والمشاركة
عيدك مبروك

loza said...

Helloo Ph ...

nice to get one of them ...


PH said...

@ lovelyh :

You're welcome .

@ loza :

"nice to get one of them ..."

Yes it would be :P.