Saturday, July 21, 2007

Between Duty and Humanity

The footage I've posted below was shot by the Guardian's Sean Smith, who is a photojournalist, during his time as an embedded journalist with the US apache company. The video was initially aired by ITV news; and was later picked up by ABC's London bureau who posted it on ABC's news website.

I'm posting it, because of the unique perspective it presents with regards to the Iraq war.In it you'll see a different view of the Iraq war that isn't common in the mainstream American media, so to speak, it shows the deaths and killings and also shows how the pressure of the war is getting to the soldiers and how it leads them, unintentionally, to kill innocent people. It also illustrates the soldiers anger towards their government; because of their indecision on what to do and their political squabbling over mundane topics while overlooking the real suffering and pain that both civilians and soldier incur from this war.

The posting of the video on an ABC's website attracted more than 250,000 views and 500 comments on this video alone apart from the comments on the subsequent related articles. One of the comments was from the mother of one of the soldiers killed in the video in which she said "He was 19 years old and could see the futility of Iraq invasion and occupation,", ABC's David Muir dedicated a whole article to the comments on the video which can be read here.

For those of you who have limited bandwidth you can read a summary of the video here and the original article within which the video was posted can be found here, if you're interested in the original video as posted on ABC's website ( not on youtube ) it can be viewed here .


Happymoi said...

Reality of war is never pleaseant!!

when i was younger i used to ask my mom all the time "where are there wars? why cant countries live in peace", her reply was a simple as my years of life, "why do you keep fighting with ur sister, if you can stop, it would be possible for countires to live in peace"!! My mom is smart!! From that day on i never asked this question!

Happymoi said...

sorry i meant why not where!!

PH said...

Yes your mother is obviously smart .... and that unfortunately is the ugly nature of life I guess.


a_akak said...

WAR is never a pritty picture, unlike the rambo films in the 80's and i dont think anyone can really se the true horror of wars on a tv

Thanks PH :)

PH said...

"i dont think anyone can really se the true horror of wars on a tv"

Yes I agree totally and your welcome :).


Anglo-Libyan said...

I am sure this post was not here yesterday!!
did you mix up the dates :o)

I add my voice to that of happymoi & Ahmed.

Thank you ph.

PH said...

Actually I did post it yesterday at around 5:00 pm my time, but your right the date and time stamps on the post are wrong .......... I don't know why though ?????????

Thanks for the comment Anglo.


Highlander said...

Thanks PH for all these links. Heartening to see some people with a bit of common sense at last in those comments. People can finally see that the military are not having a holiday in Iraq,and that innocents are dying.War is ugly indeed

Romana said...

one of the creepiest most unpleasant subjects, War... and its always attached with a "why" no?

when i was younger, i always had a standpoint, that i will not learn anything about politics, or hear anything about it, because it all major crap, excuse my words... until i grew up, eventually had to happen, and my standpoint slightly changed, thought i should learn about it, maybe i can convince myself that ppl with power could have actually done something to prevent all the massacres, and genocides, civil wars, and anything death related… but as I read, I realized how much bigger it is, and more complex the word politics is… they just keep going round and round, in riddles and mazes, and u end up more clueless than when u first started… so I believe I will go back to my standpoint.. its just so sad Ph, that there are so many people out there, trying to make a difference, they end up either not heart, disregarded, or assassinated, so where’s the solution??? Like blank cheques…. Just like blank cheques.

PH said...

@ highlander :

Your welcome sis and yes it's relieving to see that there are a lot of people who can see the truth through the smoke screens ... if only they weren't fooled in the first place .

@ romana :

"when i was younger, i always had a standpoint, that i will not learn anything about politics, or hear anything about it, because it all major crap, excuse my words"

Yes ignorance is a bliss and the truth is ugly :(.
Greed and selfishness are more prevalent and they always leads to oppression and injustice .... that starts wars .


PH said...

@ Anglo :

I just realized why the date was wrong on the post. It's because I wrote a draft of it a few days ago and when I posted it I didn't change the "Post Date" .


Lebeeya said...

The media only shows us what they want us to believe. Thanks for sharing this.

In Islam, war should always be the last option. We live in a world were war is always the first option.

PH said...

Thanks for reminding us of the rules of engagement in Islam Leebeya :) and yes I totally agree with you on what the media does .