Saturday, October 10, 2009

"We can never forgive, and we can never forget the terrorism perpetrated against our citizens."

I read the above statement from the US ambassador to Libya and it reminded me of another sentence I had read on ibeebarbie's blog a few days ago :

Yew, we still have places such as Iraq and Afghanistan that were subdued by military might, but he outrage of the world was heard, and these countries are being given back to the people that inhabit them.
Can you compare the two statements ? Somehow the Iraqi's are to forgive the Americans for the acts of terrorism committed against them. Be it the innocent people killed during the sanctions or those killed during the invasion and continued occupation ( when did they give it back ? ) or the people killed, while trying to overthrow Saddam, during the Iraq-Iran war as a result of Americans sharing intelligence with Saddam to keep him in power. They're also to forgive them for all the deaths that resulted from the - American Funded - coup that led to Saddam's uncle to come to power. But the American's don't forget their dead or forgive their killers !
People speak of peace and forgiveness but nobody in the west has ever even sincerely apologized or admitted their acts of terrorism - a fascist doing it for oil doesn't count - . I mean who is to compensate the Iranian's for all the deaths that resulted from the overthrow of their democratically elected government ? and everything that followed it including the current regime. Why should they have to change to meet America's expectations of them when it was the US that messed everything up in the first place ? What makes America so right that it is allowed to overthrow, kill and provoke civil wars simply because its companies aren't getting first class treatment or that the governments in place don't suit them. I mean the fact that a dictator/war-criminal like Bush got elected twice should be enough for anyone with any two-cents of brain to stop swallowing this rubbish, or do they have their heads so high up their asses ( a phrase used to describe Libyans by an American nonetheless ) that that is too much to expect ? They think they have a democracy when after nearly a year of election debates and propaganda and millions of dollars wasted - when their economy is failing - they still have the same government in place doing the same thing, except with different faces. That's basically all democracy is; putting puppets to take the blame in front of the mass media while the real "rulers" are pulling the strings from behind the scenes and whenever people catch onto your puppet change him.
I won't even get started on the Goldstone report and how the Americans because they support Israel said it was biased and then continued to pressure the PA traitors into stopping any criminal action against the Israeli's, who is going to avenge the dead in Gaza ? Come to think of it who is going to avenge all the dead who have been killed as a result of the installation of this foreign western outpost into our region ? Americans have been constantly overthrowing Middle-Eastern regimes to make sure that those in power aren't a threat to Israel at the expense of the average Middle-Easterner for at least 50 years now !
Peace isn't just a word. When you take my land and throw me out on the street don't expect peace or negotiations before you give it back. It's not peaceful of me to live homeless on the street just so you can live "peacefully" in my house. When you kill my loved ones or inact a crime that results in their death, peace doesn't come by me forgetting them especially not when you don't stop killing more people.
The funny thing is that even though a lot of people get angry at me for being provocative, especially the expat/green-zone kids crowd, and for bringing up anti-American articles that they think provoke hate and terrorism and stand in their way of promoting "peace" and "mutual understanding" the single greatest provoker of terrorism and hate is the US of A everytime it does something stupid ( which seems to be the only thing it knows how to do ) in the ME it provokes more hate. I remember before 9/11 people were angry at our governments and blaming them for everything and when you invoke an example of Western interference you would be silenced by "conspiracy theory" or "it's history" or something along that line as if there are two sides to the story; but the West continues to remind its victims of its past atrocities by repeating them over and over again they're worst than Al-Qaeda - which is probably why they've taken a back row seat lately .
Bottom line to those who speak of peace, stop invading us and killing us and sticking your noses in our business through your NGO's and stop empowering minorities that represent less than .0001% of our population as if they speak for us, when they are nothing more than your lackeys then we can talk about peace ..................... after all there's no peace without justice !


on the edge said...

Well said and written .

All ways a Stranger said...

I feel your anger man, you know what? the last word in your post justice

It is the word that should be said
"No peace without justice"
believe it or not you may never hear the word justice and peace together in one line
you see the Muslims and Arabs favor spending billions in buying down graded export quality inferior weapons, just to keep them in storage!
but they may never spend a cent on anything that may turn the public opinion in the west to think a little positive about the Muslim and Arab world.
there is always more then one side of the equation, you can blame them for their dark history and their crimes of the past and the present, yet still it is the Arab nations who failed every time to prove them selfs worthy of getting justice.

Sorry for the long comment but the topic mandate it, and was nice being to this blog.

please accept my best regards

PH said...

"yet still it is the Arab nations who failed every time to prove them selfs worthy of getting justice."

Do I have to prove myself worthy for Justice ? I thought it was a given right ? If they don't like us they can just leave us alone, no ?

As for Arab states that was the a focus of my post most Arab states are controlled either directly or indirectly by the West. If they do anything right; which ultimately must include supporting the Palestinians and providing the means to defend their citizens they'll either get overthrown or sanctioned ! The Arabs haven't had a say in how they run their countries ( even their governments don't have a say ) in almost a century.
As an example America tries to tell us not teach hate in our schools by trying to ban certain verses in the Quran while they're openly preaching hate against Islam and by extension Muslims; just because they're stronger and richer doesn't mean they're right !