Saturday, October 10, 2009

Mobile Phone Radiation

Just found this site that ranks mobile phones based on the radiation they emit, while most service providers try to dispel the notion that the radiation emitted from mobile phones can be harmful on the basis that statistics alone can't prove it. It's an argument similar to the anti-cancer material argument.

I've post a list of the most common mobiles below and you can find the radiation levels of all the old mobiles here.
So where does your phone rank ?

Phone Model Currently
on the
Samsung Impression (SGH-a877)YesAT&T0.15 - 0.35 W/kg
Motorola RAZR V8YesCellularONE0.36 W/kg
Samsung SGH-t229YesT-Mobile0.38 W/kg
Samsung Rugby (SGH-a837)YesAT&T0.22 - 0.46 W/kg
Samsung Propel Pro (SGH-i627)YesAT&T0.14 - 0.47 W/kg
Samsung Gravity (SGH-t459)YesCellularONE, T-Mobile0.49 W/kg
T-Mobile SidekickYesT-Mobile0.50 W/kg
LG Xenon (GR500)YesAT&T0.52 W/kg
Motorola Karma QA1YesAT&T0.55 W/kg
Sanyo Katana IIYesKajeet0.22 - 0.55 W/kg
Blackberry Storm 9530YesVerizon Wireless0.57 W/kg
Motorola W260gYesTracFone0.57 W/kg
Motorola Stature i9YesBoost Mobile, Sprint0.61 W/kg
Samsung Magnet (SGH-A257)YesAT&T0.62 - 0.64 W/kg
Motorola Renegade V950YesSprint0.66 W/kg
LG CF360YesAT&T0.68 W/kg
Samsung Saga (SCH-i770)YesVerizon Wireless0.69 W/kg
Helio OceanYesVirgin Mobile0.72 W/kg
Samsung SCH-i760YesVerizon Wireless0.73 W/kg
Sony Ericsson W518a WalkmanYesAT&T0.73 W/kg
Samsung SGH-t339YesT-Mobile0.73 W/kg
Samsung SGH-a137YesAT&T GoPhone, AT&T0.20 - 0.76 W/kg
LG LX400YesSprint0.36 - 0.77 W/kg
LG Voyager (VX10000)YesVerizon Wireless0.77 W/kg
Samsung MyShot (SCH-r430)YesCricket, MetroPCS0.78 W/kg
Samsung Exclaim (SPH-m550)YesSprint0.29 - 0.78 W/kg
Samsung Access (SGH-a827)YesAT&T0.24 - 0.78 W/kg
Sanyo KATANA LX (SCP-3800)YesSprint0.53 - 0.78 W/kg
Motorola W175YesTracFone0.79 W/kg
LG Rhythm (UX585)YesU.S. Cellular0.80 W/kg
Motorola MOTO W755YesVerizon Wireless0.80 W/kg
Samsung SGH-t109YesT-Mobile0.80 W/kg
Sony Ericsson W760aYesAT&T0.81 W/kg
Nokia 5610YesT-Mobile0.81 W/kg
Samsung Eternity(SGH-a867)YesAT&T0.11 - 0.82 W/kg
Nokia 7510YesT-Mobile0.84 W/kg
LG 225YesTracFone0.85 W/kg
HTC Touch Diamond (DIAM400)YesVerizon Wireless0.85 W/kg
HTC Touch DiamondYesVerizon Wireless0.85 - 0.86 W/kg
HTC Touch Diamond (DIAM500)YesSprint, Alltel0.86 W/kg
ZTE C79YesMetroPCS0.87 W/kg
Sony Ericsson W200aYesCellularONE0.87 W/kg
Nokia 6301YesT-Mobile0.71 - 0.87 W/kg
Samsung Gleam (SCH-u700)YesVerizon Wireless0.87 W/kg
Samsung Slash (SPH-m310)YesVirgin Mobile0.87 W/kg
LG CU405YesAT&T GoPhone0.88 W/kg
Motorola Rapture VU30YesVerizon Wireless0.88 W/kg
Sanyo KatanaYesKajeet0.68 - 0.88 W/kg
T-Mobile Sidekick LXYesT-Mobile0.89 W/kg
Motorola RAZR V3YesAT&T GoPhone, AT&T, T-Mobile0.89 W/kg
LG Tritan (UX840)YesU.S. Cellular0.89 W/kg
HTC Touch PROYesSprint, U.S. Cellular, Verizon Wireless0.91 W/kg
Sanyo KATANA Eclipse XYesSprint0.60 - 0.91 W/kg
Palm PreYesSprint, Verizon Wireless0.92 W/kg
Nokia 6650YesAT&T0.92 W/kg
Samsung SGH-t439YesCellularONE, T-Mobile0.92 W/kg
Samsung MantraYesVirgin Mobile0.93 W/kg
LG VX5500YesVerizon Wireless0.95 W/kg
LG 600GYesTracFone0.96 W/kg
Samsung Renown (SCH-u810)YesVerizon Wireless0.96 W/kg
Sony Ericsson Z310aYesAT&T, AT&T GoPhone0.96 W/kg
Nokia 6205YesVerizon Wireless0.96 W/kg
LG LX150YesKajeet0.76 - 0.96 W/kg
Samsung Propel (SGH-a767)YesAT&T0.26 - 0.97 W/kg
Samsung Behold (SGH-t919)YesT-Mobile0.99 W/kg
ZTE C78YesMetroPCS0.99 W/kg
LG NeonYesAT&T, CellularONE1.00 W/kg
Samsung SGH-T101GYesTracFone1.00 W/kg
Nokia 6085YesAT&T, AT&T GoPhone1.00 W/kg
Nokia 2600YesAT&T, AT&T GoPhone1.00 W/kg
Samsung MyShot IIYesCricket1.00 W/kg
Nokia 3600 SlideYesCellularONE1.01 W/kg
Samsung Rant (SPH-m540)YesSprint0.70 - 1.01 W/kg
Blackberry Curve 8900YesAT&T, T-Mobile1.01 W/kg
Nokia 3220YesCellularONE, T-Mobile0.71 - 1.01 W/kg
Helio Ocean2YesVirgin Mobile1.02 W/kg
Motorola MOTOROKR E8YesCellularONE, T-Mobile1.02 W/kg
Motorola i580YesSprint1.02 W/kg
Samsung JACK (i637)YesAT&T0.42 - 1.04 W/kg
Samsung Delve (SCH-r800)YesU.S. Cellular, Alltel0.80 - 1.04 W/kg
Samsung SGH-T349YesT-Mobile1.05 W/kg
Samsung JetSet (SCH-r550)YesCricket1.05 W/kg
Samsung Byline (SCH-r310)YesMetroPCS0.63 - 1.05 W/kg
Samsung SCH-R311YesU.S. Cellular1.06 W/kg
Nokia 1680YesT-Mobile1.06 W/kg
Samsung SCH-u430YesVerizon Wireless1.07 W/kg
Samsung Glyde (SCH-u940)YesVerizon Wireless1.08 W/kg
Motorola W490YesCellularONE, T-Mobile1.08 W/kg
Samsung SPH-m220YesSprint0.75 - 1.08 W/kg
Blackberry Curve 8320YesAT&T1.08 W/kg
Nokia 7205 IntrigueYesVerizon Wireless1.08 W/kg
Motorola Hint QA30YesCricket, U.S. Cellular, MetroPCS1.08 W/kg
Samsung Smooth (SCH-u350)YesVerizon Wireless1.09 W/kg
Blackberry Curve 8310YesAT&T1.09 W/kg
LG Dare (VX9700)YesVerizon Wireless1.09 W/kg
Motorola i365YesSprint1.09 W/kg
Samsung SPH-m300YesKajeet, Sprint0.79 - 1.09 W/kg
UTStarcom GTX75 (aka AT&T Quickfire)YesAT&T0.36 - 1.10 W/kg
Blackberry Curve 8350iYesSprint1.10 W/kg
Nokia 2610YesAT&T GoPhone, CellularONE, T-Mobile, AT&T1.10 W/kg
Nokia 2760YesCellularONE, T-Mobile0.74 - 1.10 W/kg
Samsung SGH-a437YesAT&T GoPhone, AT&T0.72 - 1.11 W/kg
Samsung Step (SCH-r470 Two)YesU.S. Cellular1.00 - 1.11 W/kg
T-Mobile G1 with GoogleYesT-Mobile1.11 W/kg
Samsung SPH-M320YesSprint0.81 - 1.11 W/kg
Nokia 2605 MirageYesVerizon Wireless1.12 W/kg
LG 3280YesTracFone1.13 W/kg
HTC FuzeYesAT&T1.13 W/kg
HTC Fuze (RAPH110)YesAT&T1.13 W/kg
UTStarcom CDM7126YesCricket, MetroPCS1.13 W/kg
Motorola Evoke QA4YesCricket1.13 W/kg
LG VX8360YesVerizon Wireless1.14 W/kg
Samsung Knack (SCH-u310)YesVerizon Wireless1.14 W/kg
Samsung SGH-a237YesAT&T, AT&T GoPhone1.07 - 1.14 W/kg
Blackberry Pearl Flip 8220YesT-Mobile1.15 W/kg
LG Lotus (LX600)YesSprint0.90 - 1.15 W/kg
Motorola Krave ZN4YesVerizon Wireless1.16 W/kg
Samsung Tint (SCH-R420YesMetroPCS0.68 - 1.17 W/kg
Motorola Clutch i465YesBoost Mobile, Sprint1.17 W/kg
LG CP150YesAT&T GoPhone1.18 W/kg
LG 410GYesTracFone1.18 W/kg
Samsung SGH-t819YesT-Mobile1.19 W/kg
LG LX160YesKajeet, Sprint1.19 W/kg
Apple iPhone 3G SYesAT&T0.52 - 1.19 W/kg
Samsung BlackJack II (SGH-i617)YesAT&T0.61 - 1.20 W/kg
Samsung SCH-U440YesU.S. Cellular1.13 - 1.21 W/kg
Sanyo PRO-200YesSprint0.41 - 1.21 W/kg
LG CE110YesAT&T, AT&T GoPhone1.22 W/kg
Samsung Finesse (SCH-r810)YesMetroPCS1.22 W/kg
Samsung Solstice (SGH-A877)YesAT&T0.67 - 1.23 W/kg
Sony Ericsson C905a Cyber-shotYesAT&T, CellularONE0.67 - 1.23 W/kg
Motorola MOTOACTV W450YesT-Mobile1.23 W/kg
Motorola MOTORAKR Z6mYesMetroPCS1.23 W/kg
Motorola The Buzz ic502YesSprint1.24 W/kg
Samsung SGH-t219YesT-Mobile1.24 W/kg
Sanyo PRO-700YesSprint0.54 - 1.24 W/kg
Blackberry Pearl 8110YesAT&T1.24 W/kg
Nokia 5310YesT-Mobile1.11 - 1.25 W/kg
Nokia 5310 Xpress MusicYesCellularONE1.25 W/kg
Sanyo SCP-2700YesSprint1.16 - 1.25 W/kg
Motorola RAZR V3iYesCellularONE, AT&T, T-Mobile1.26 W/kg
Samsung SCH-r211YesCricket1.26 W/kg
LG VU (CU915)YesAT&T1.26 W/kg
LG Chocolate 3 (VX8560)YesVerizon Wireless1.26 W/kg
Nokia 3606YesCricket1.27 W/kg
Helio FinYesVirgin Mobile0.53 - 1.27 W/kg
Samsung SGH-a637YesAT&T0.45 - 1.28 W/kg
Samsung SGH-a737YesAT&T0.43 - 1.28 W/kg
Samsung Sway (SCH-u650)YesVerizon Wireless1.28 W/kg
LG enV Touch (VX11000,Voyager 2)YesVerizon Wireless1.28 W/kg
Blackberry 8820YesAT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless1.28 W/kg
Nokia 5800 XpressMusicYesCellularONE1.29 W/kg
Motorola Moto Q GlobalYesAT&T1.29 W/kg
LG 200CYesTracFone1.30 W/kg
Motorola MOTO Q 9mYesVerizon Wireless1.30 W/kg
Cricket TXTM8YesCricket1.30 W/kg
Verizon Wireless CDM8975YesVerizon Wireless1.30 W/kg
Verizon Wireless CDM8975PTTYesVerizon Wireless1.30 W/kg
LG INCITE (CT810)YesAT&T1.30 W/kg
Samsung Epix (SGH-i907)YesAT&T0.52 - 1.30 W/kg
LG LX290YesSprint1.04 - 1.30 W/kg
Motorola i880YesSprint1.30 W/kg
LG enV 3 (VX9200)YesVerizon Wireless1.31 W/kg
Samsung SCH-u410YesVerizon Wireless1.31 W/kg
Samsung Juke (SCH-u470)YesVerizon Wireless1.31 W/kg
Nokia Surge 6790YesAT&T1.31 W/kg
Samsung Omnia (SCH-i910)YesVerizon Wireless1.31 W/kg
Motorola Tundra VA76rYesAT&T1.32 W/kg
Motorola W376gYesTracFone1.32 W/kg
Motorola V176YesTracFone1.33 W/kg
Samsung Instinct s30YesSprint1.05 - 1.33 W/kg
Nokia 6555YesAT&T0.93 - 1.33 W/kg
LG enV 2 (VX9100)YesVerizon Wireless1.34 W/kg
LG Invision (CB630)YesAT&T1.34 W/kg
Samsung Trance (SCH-u490)YesVerizon Wireless1.34 W/kg
Motorola MOTORAZR VE20YesSprint, U.S. Cellular1.34 W/kg
Verizon Wireless G'zOne Type SYesVerizon Wireless1.34 W/kg
Samsung SCH-u540YesVerizon Wireless1.34 W/kg
Verizon Wireless G'zOne Type S PTTYesVerizon Wireless1.34 W/kg
Palm CentroYesAT&T, CellularONE, Sprint, Verizon Wireless1.09 - 1.35 W/kg
Motorola MotoEM330YesAT&T1.35 W/kg
LG LX370YesSprint0.90 - 1.36 W/kg
Samsung ACE (SPH-i325)YesSprint1.00 - 1.36 W/kg
Samsung SPH-z400YesSprint0.72 - 1.36 W/kg
Motorola MOTOROKR U9YesCellularONE1.36 W/kg
Verizon Wireless CDM8950YesVerizon Wireless1.38 W/kg
LG Versa (VX9600)YesVerizon Wireless1.38 W/kg
Nokia 1606YesCricket, MetroPCS1.38 W/kg
Samsung SCH-u340YesCricket, U.S. Cellular, Verizon Wireless1.38 W/kg
Motorola C261YesTracFone1.38 W/kg
Apple iPhone 3GYesAT&T0.24 - 1.39 W/kg
Samsung SCH-u550YesVerizon Wireless1.39 W/kg
Helio MystoYesVirgin Mobile1.21 - 1.39 W/kg
Nokia E71YesCellularONE1.23 - 1.40 W/kg
Palm Treo PRO (T850EWW)YesSprint1.40 W/kg
Motorola W370YesTracFone1.40 W/kg
Samsung FlipShot (SCH-u900)YesVerizon Wireless1.40 W/kg
Motorola RAZR V3sYesMetroPCS1.40 W/kg
Nokia E71xYesAT&T1.41 W/kg
Samsung Messager, Mister Cartoon (SCH-r450)YesCricket, MetroPCS1.42 W/kg
Sony Ericsson Z750aYesAT&T1.42 W/kg
Motorola C139YesTracFone1.43 W/kg
Blackberry 8703eYesVerizon Wireless1.44 W/kg
Motorola Adventure V750YesVerizon Wireless1.45 W/kg
Motorola Boost i776YesBoost Mobile1.45 W/kg
Samsung Highnote (SPH-m630)YesSprint0.74 - 1.45 W/kg
Motorola i576YesSprint1.45 W/kg
Motorola i776YesSprint1.45 W/kg
Sony Ericsson TM506YesT-Mobile1.46 W/kg
Blackberry 8830 World EditionYesU.S. Cellular, Verizon Wireless, Sprint1.46 W/kg
Samsung SGH-a777YesAT&T0.63 - 1.46 W/kg
Samsung Instinct (SPH-m800)YesSprint1.16 - 1.46 W/kg
Firefly GlowPhoneYesCellularONE1.46 W/kg
Samsung Spex (SCH-r210)YesCricket, U.S. Cellular1.46 W/kg
Kyocera Neo E1100YesU.S. Cellular, MetroPCS1.46 W/kg
Blackberry 8700gYesT-Mobile1.46 W/kg
Helio HeatYesVirgin Mobile0.85 - 1.46 W/kg
Blackberry Pearl 8130YesSprint, U.S. Cellular, Verizon Wireless1.48 W/kg
Motorola MOTOSLVR L9YesCellularONE1.48 W/kg
Sanyo S1YesSprint1.46 - 1.48 W/kg
Blackberry Pearl 8120YesT-Mobile, AT&T1.48 W/kg
HTC SMT 5800YesVerizon Wireless1.49 W/kg
Kyocera S1300YesCricket1.11 - 1.50 W/kg
Kyocera Melo S1300YesMetroPCS1.11 - 1.50 W/kg
Nokia 1006YesMetroPCS1.50 W/kg
Blackberry Bold 9000YesAT&T1.51 W/kg
LG Rumor2 (LX265)YesSprint1.04 - 1.51 W/kg
Motorola V365YesAT&T1.51 W/kg
Blackberry Curve 8300YesT-Mobile, AT&T1.51 W/kg
Motorola MOTO VE240YesCricket, MetroPCS1.52 W/kg
T-Mobile ShadowYesT-Mobile1.53 W/kg
Motorola i335YesSprint1.53 W/kg
Motorola C290YesKajeet, Sprint1.53 W/kg
Motorola W385YesU.S. Cellular, Verizon Wireless1.54 W/kg
Blackberry Curve 8330YesSprint, U.S. Cellular, Verizon Wireless, MetroPCS1.54 W/kg
Motorola MOTO VU204YesVerizon Wireless1.55 W/kg
Kyocera Jax S1300YesVirgin Mobile1.55 W/kg
T-Mobile myTouch 3GYesT-Mobile1.55 W/kg
HTC Touch (ELF0100)YesCellularONE, U.S. CellularN/A
Motorola Boost i290YesBoost MobileN/A
HTC SnapYesSprintN/A
Motorola i920YesSprintN/A
Pantech BreezeYesAT&TN/A
Motorola Renew W233YesT-MobileN/A
Pantech Slate (C530)YesAT&T, AT&T GoPhoneN/A
Sony Ericsson F305YesCellularONEN/A
Blackberry Curve 8830YesSprintN/A
Motorola Boost i335YesBoost MobileN/A
Motorola KRZRYesCellularONEN/A
Motorola V170YesTracFoneN/A
LG Flare (LX165)YesVirgin MobileN/A
Sony Ericsson W350YesAT&T, AT&T GoPhoneN/A
Cricket A100YesCricketN/A
Kyocera Mako S4000YesMetroPCSN/A
Motorola V195sYesT-MobileN/A
Samsung t636YesCellularONEN/A
Cricket EZYesCricketN/A
HTC TouchYesCellularONEN/A
Motorola Boost i776wYesBoost MobileN/A
Blackberry Tour 9630 SmartphoneYesSprintN/A
Kyocera K132YesCricketN/A
Kyocera TNT! S2400YesVirgin MobileN/A
Motorola W315YesVerizon WirelessN/A
Pantech C630YesAT&TN/A
Motorola Multimedia RAZRYesVerizon WirelessN/A
Kyocera Marbl K127YesVirgin MobileN/A
LG Wine (UX280)YesU.S. CellularN/A
HTC Touch Diamond XV6950YesVerizon WirelessN/A
Pantech Matrix ProYesAT&TN/A
Motorola Q9YesCellularONEN/A
Kyocera K126CYesTracFoneN/A
LG Shine (CU720)YesAT&TN/A
Blackberry Pearl Flip 8230YesU.S. CellularN/A
Pantech MatrixYesAT&TN/A
Motorola RAZRYesVerizon WirelessN/A
Sierra Wireless 598UYesSprintN/A
LG RumorYesKajeetN/A
Pantech C610YesAT&TN/A
Kyocera X-tc M2000YesVirgin MobileN/A
Sony z555aYesCellularONEN/A
Verizon Wireless G'zOne BoulderYesVerizon WirelessN/A
Verizon Wireless BlitzYesVerizon WirelessN/A
Verizon Wireless XV6900YesVerizon WirelessN/A
UTStarcom ShuttleYesVirgin MobileN/A
UTStarcom ArcYesVirgin MobileN/A
Palm Treo 755pYesSprintN/A