Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tripoli Tonight

Even though I didn't have my camera with me I couldn't help but take some photos with my crappy mobile phone. Of course because my mobiles camera is of such low quality you won't really get how great the view was; but at least you'll get a glimpse of it ;).


Unknown said...

Not bad photos

Ari Hoenig- Giant Steps

PH said...

yeah they're not bad but the thing with mobile phone camera's is that they almost always have bad flashes and can't give you good night photo's. If I had my other camera I would have gotten it at a higher resolution, with better zoom and clearer lighting :P ......... on the other hand if I was waiving a camera I might not have gotten away with the photo's *jk* .

may said...

alsalam 3alikom

i like this pic...

by the way

it is just mobile phone camera so thats why !!

PH said...

Glad you liked the pics and thanks for your comment and the complement :D.

Oh and welcome to my blog :).