Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hijabis don't need banks !

At least according to the biggest bank in France. According to them a women covering her hair and body is a security threat. Women, it seems, have to come in with exposed butt cheeks ( preferably with a thong ) and cleavage; for security reasons ( because there is no such thing as metal detectors ). And of course because France is such a Liberal Utopia that respects gender equality, nothing like it's barbaric southern Muslim neighbors, men with hats, suitcases, backpacks, trousers ( shorts only ), pullovers, jackets .... etc. won't be allowed in either .............. they'll have to come with shorts and sleaveless t-shirts. But if you really want to know what I'm ranting about watch the video below.


Anonymous said...

Why you say hijab what is mean,,,, Moslem as hijab and no hijab??? you haet woman??? Moslem woman go islam bank must not go rebaa bank allah wakbar aginest kafr