Saturday, November 29, 2008

Cool Reflection


ibeebarbie said...

Salam PH,
I LOVE THIS PICTURE. I could actually sit and look at it for a long while. Where did you find it?

Unknown said...

I wanna be there !

on the edge said...

Beautifully tranquil !

StarLit said...

I wanna be there, too :) !

Nasimlibya `√ said...

it's not cool no it's more than cool wonderful really it give u a strange feeling

thank u

Unknown said...

Very beautiful Photo

There are 8 slides for this gallery, read the bottom of the photo

PH said...

@ ibee :

"Where did you find it?"

I found it on .

@ enlightened spirit :

relaxing eh ?

@ on the edge :

yeah, Imagine sleeping there on a little boat/raft in the middle :).

@ startlit :

Wish I knew where it's from :).

@ Nasimlibya :

you're welcome, I personally found it relaxing thats why i posted it :).

@ music lover :

thanks for those and wb ;).


Unknown said...

Since we are talking about reflective Photography.

A magzine website had 50 photos of reflective photography. I searched the photographers links

This Arab photographer he is quite good

holyday said...

nice day 2 u
I'm when see this picture
I thing in site
the bridge seen on water
and blue and white color the best
in colors

plz Accept traffic me
your sister
giral from another time

holyday said...

but here black and white color
Boss of colors

PH said...

@ Music Lover :

Yeah he is quite good, I especially like the 'The pearl of Tuscany' and 'Nice Morning' pictures .... thanks for sharing them. Why don't you make a blog and post these links to music and pictures and articles all there so we can keep track of your postings instead of having to hunt for them all over the blogosphere ? You have a lot of material to post and already have a blogger id :).

@ holyday :

welcome to my blog and glad u enjoyed the picture :).