Friday, November 21, 2008

American asks for financial help

It seems, at least according to this article, that the US is 'asking' some gulf countries for around 300 billion cash ( in real money not American stocks ) to help save the US economy from recession. Of course no Arab country would do this if it wasn't out of fear of the repercussions that could result from refusing, you know like overthrowing the government or asking for more rights for Shia's or letting Iran loose.
But what really gets to me is all the colonial mentality suffering Arabs/ Muslims who keep whining about American Supremacy and our inferiority even though this isn't the first time the gulf countries have been forced into helping the US economy and if it wasn't for its UN veto and Military might they wouldn't. The colonially sick ones will even start whining for peace with America, lamenting their terrorist countrymen as if we started the wars or aggressions, how do you peacefully deal with a thieving bully how has no respect for anyone ?