Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Visual tricks

Check out this image, if you walk back 5 meters from the screen instead of seeing Einstein you'll see Marilyn Monroe.


Unknown said...

visual illusions, keeps amazing me, how human mind can be deceived !!!

on the edge said...

The schnapp throws me off some though , lol !

a_akak said...

This is a good one lol

Keep them comming PH and more posts

Fe Aman allah

Unknown said...

My kids enjoyed it. Nice one

PH said...

@ enlightened spirit :

Yes we are weak aren't we :P.

@ on the edge :


@a_akak :

I have a few more but been too busy and I don't want to post anything while I'm too busy to comment ;).

@ musiclover :

I'm honored that your children actually read my blog :). I should watch my language then ? :P

salaam all