Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Rules for Marital Engagemnet - For men

I just read this comment on a blog post and found myself agreeing with most of it ( not all ). Here it is :


1. Never get married before 33 y.o. - the world moves too fast to really understand where you are supposed to be so definitely not married.
2. Never let a woman pressure you or make you feel guilty for not marrying her- many married because of the emotional manipulation women use as a ploy to get what they want.
3. Never marry a spoiled brat - the bar is always to high and it gets moved after you have reached it.
4. Never marry a woman who's father spoiled her to no end or he has accomplished more than you- you will never match up to dad. Women want results now, that's how daddy did it, not waiting to see your potential. She does not know what dad did to get there.
5. Never marry JUST because the other person makes you feel good- you need to know does the person appreciates, communicates, adores, loves, respects, understands YOU before you know if you can put up with quirks.
6. Never do any of this for money -somebody might get killed/hurt when gone.
7.Never fake in bed- if it something you like or don't like make it clear early in relationship.
8. Never marry a person who is selfish to know end- if you give 100 and tomorrow you can't get 5...
9. Never marry just because kids wanted.
10. Never do any of this if you still have a lot of freak in you still.


Unknown said...

according to your agreement on this, I think there will be a great possibility that you will end up as a single old man :p

Anonymous said...

This is more or less true for Libyan women too !Except the sleeping around part ... BECAUSE we all know Libyan girls NEVER sleep around before they marry . Right ?

PH said...

@ enlightened spirit :

Really is it that bad ? :-O

@ anonymous ( expat in Libya ? ) :

"This is more or less true for Libyan women too !"

Who said it wasn't ( The rules don't specify any nationality )? and why were you offended ? where are you from?

"BECAUSE we all know Libyan girls NEVER sleep around before they marry . Right ?"

No, some do, but the percentage is a lot lesser than that in other countries; because of the conservative nature of the society.
We are a small population divided into a smaller number of tribes so we all know each other and word travels fast not to mention the religious requirement of a girl and guy being virgins before marriage; which is easier to verify for a girl. This means that a girl sleeping around reduces the possibility of her getting married to almost zero.


ibeebarbie said...

Salam PH,

I suppose these could go for both genders...so nice reminder to choose wisely.

Highlander said...

:) no comment where do you find these things !

PH said...

@ ibee :

"I suppose these could go for both genders"

Wouldn't know .... I've never been with a man :P. Even though I thought the emotional black mail thing was a woman thing ?

@ highlander :

"where do you find these things !"

They just come my way, sometimes I get bored and start following links and I stumble on something like this :P.

salaam to you both