Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Puppy Torture in Iraq

So yesterday I read about this puppy being thrown over a cliff or something in Iraq by a marine and I noticed the outcry over it, and I was disgusted over how pathetic that is when compared to the lack of emotions over the killing/raping/burning of civilian Iraqi's by marines. Well, somebody beat me to the post so I'm just going to repost it here ( me being lazy and all :P ) :

You’re Gonna Hate Me For This

Marine Puppy Cliff

OK so some Marine presumably in Iraq, is under fire because he took some cute cuddly little puppy and threw it, causing everyone to scream and cry animal cruelty. I understand the initial knee jerk reaction, its a little shocking especially if you dont have thick skin but I ask you this. Even though the Marines actions are deplorable, are his actions more deplorable than the casualties of innocent civilians that happen everyday in Iraq and other war torn regions at the hands of soldiers just like the marine in the video?

Is it possible that the American people value the life of an animal more than that of human beings living in Iraq? Over a year ago I told you all a story about a Marine who killed a pregnant woman and her unborn baby, no one felt outraged about that. I mean just yesterday 6 innocent people, women and children, were killed in Somalia by a US missile, where’s the outrage for that? Can we get an investigation into the people who caused their murder? Of course not and while Americans are crying and sending death threats to the Marine who threw the dog people in the Middle East will be saying “so what!” and you all will think they are a bunch of heartless barbarians. We can mourn the dog if you want, I’m OK with that but can we get our priorities straight first? Can’t we find anything more worthy of our outrage, can we mourn the kids in Gaza, the family in Somalia or the 15 killed in Sudan?

Just look at these fruit cakes crying over this damn puppy. This guy is classic, he almost starts crying when he says puppy. I love these two, they are extremely concerned over how hurting a puppy makes America look bad. Probably my favorite this liberal fruit cake, emo girl cries her eyes out. And this girl, she hates America because a soldier threw a puppy off a cliff. (’She adores animals, dogs arent her biggest fan’)

The reality is that the people who are so upset about this stupid dog actually do value a puppies life more than the lives of human beings who may be, Arab or Muslim or black. Maybe everyone out there thinks thats what Arabs and Africans should do, they die everyday so whats the big deal when they are killed in the crossfire, even intentionally. But a puppy?! I guess puppies are too cute to die.


ibeebarbie said...

What the hell is wrong with people? Oooops, sorry---excuse my English, but I don't know French and this definitely required a strong word. :-)

Salam PH,
How have you been? You've been dearly missed.

PH said...

"What the hell is wrong with people? Oooops, sorry"

Sorry ? what for you didn't say anything bad :P you should hear me when I curse >:).

"How have you been? You've been dearly missed."

Thanks I'm ok everything, alhamd illah is fine, I'm just busy with work thats all; but thanks for asking :).


Don said...

Your comments comparing animal to human torture are off base. No, we condone torturing either one. Grow up. Torturing one to "get even" for the other is sick and unjust. This guy is a coward and I'm sure runs screaming like a little girl when under fire. This guy is trying to make up for the fact that he's a coward and he knows it. He doesn't deserve to wear a uniform. He deserves the same fate.

Solitary_Soldier said...

This guy is right. I've full support to the view. Nobody screams when innocent people, even children are died due to the "democratic" military actions of US, but these dog lovers, puppy lovers - they find their soft heart aching when a dog is tortured/murdered. Shame on these people. I'm happy if anybody tells I'm heartless simply because I'm more concerned about the US military operations causing deaths to thousands of innocents rather than a dog.