Thursday, March 27, 2008

Libyan Windows - Updated with translation

Upon popular request I've translated some of the dialog boxes below; but the translation isn't literal as the original text is in the local Libyan dialect, so I tried to translate it into the best available English phrases that make it funny ;) .

Box Title : No way is this happening ! :-t

To be honest I really can’t do this [-( …. You want to delete windows system files !! L-) …….. How many times do I have to tell you not to change things you know nothing of, acting smart, then after you mess up you go around looking for someone to fix it for you ? :-w

Button : OK whatever you said

Title : Are you crazy :-/

You've got to help yourself out here, you only have a 64 MB Graphic Card and you're downloading San Andreas ~X( ......... It would be better for you to cancel the download ?

Button : OK !
Title : So you don't say windows is messed up >:D<

Button1: I changed my mind and I don't want to do anything anymore :(

Leave the old file

Make a soup

Do whatever suits you :-??

Title : The Rubbish Bin

What ???? have you filled up the hard disk or is just that you don't want this file anymore ? You know that you can't get back what you delete right ? Once the garbage truck is gone thats it and its all for free we aren't getting 6 LD or anything ( LD = Libyan Dinars and 6 LD is the average monthly bill for garbage removal :P ) .

Button1 : I still want it

Button2 : Get rid of it

Title : You Thief !!!!!!

Isn't it enough that you are using an illegitimate cracked copy of Kaspersky, you want to update it as well :-w X( ......... you should be thanking God that we still haven't removed it ...... Just use it the way it is don't get greedy .


Anglo-Libyan said...

where do you find these things??

very funny, I like them :o)

PH said...

"where do you find these things??"

A friend emailed me them a while back. I was busy at the time and didn't post them; but as nobody else did either I thought maybe they were worth sharing .

"very funny, I like them :o)"

Yes they are, I especially liked the last one about the pirated software :P

Unknown said...

والله الليبيين الا ابداع

Anonymous said...




What do they say?

Akram said...

المساحة كلها 21 غيغا
اللي فاضل 46 غيغا

i hate it
Why they want to use Arabic in internet domain names I read about it here

Anonymous said...


What do they say?

PH said...

@ enlightened spirit:

Yup they are :P.

@ Mel :

Translation is up <:-P ... sorry for the delay :"> .

@ A.Adam :

I heard about it like nearly 10 years ago when they first started the project; but didn't know that LTT was in on it now. It was mainly the Saudi's and Egyptians and it isn't just Arabic its for all languages. Not everybody knows English and people should be able to use the internet in their native language ;).

Anonymous said...

Yay, a translation!!

Anonymous said...

Heheh that's really funny. We are truely one of the funnest nations ...It's ture If you weren't libyan then you missed everything =))

Thanks again for sharing this