Sunday, January 13, 2008

Open Your Heart

I got this Joke sent to me by a friend through yahoo messenger, which is really funny and a bit provocative, so enjoy and feel free to chip in on it :P .

عدد سكان ليبيا 5 مليون منهم 2 مليون عجائز و كبار السن فيتبقى 3 مليون لكي يعملون منهم 2 مليون لا يزالوا يدرسون فيتبقى 1 مليون للعمل منهم 200 ألف بالعسكرية و الجيش فيتبقى 800 ألف للعمل منهم 100 ألف حكوميين و سياسيين فيتبقى 700 ألف للعمل منهم 450 ألف مرضى بالمستشفيات و معاقين و مقعدون فيتبقى 250 ألف للعمل منهم 249998 في السجون فيتبقى 2 فقط للعمل أنا و إنت و إنت مسيب الدنيا كلها تخبط و قاعد تقرأ في الرسالة أهيا.

I was also searching through youtube, before writing this post ,and Europe crossed my mind so I started searching for them and I bumped into this oldie, which I think is worthy of a posting :P.

I've posted the lyrics below :

Days filled with joy,
And days filled with sorrow
I dont know just what to do
Am I happy today,
Am I lonely tomorrow
Everything depends on you
And Ive been waitin
For the angels to knock on my door
Ive been hopin
That everything could be like before
Open your heart
And tell me whats wrong
Why cant you talk like you used to do before
I dont know if Im weak
I dont know if I m strong
Hey girl I cant cope anymore
And Ive been waitin
For the angels to knock on my door
Ive been hopin
That everything could be like before
Open your heart,
Let me hear you
Make up your mind ,
I want to hear you call
Open your heart,
Want to come near you
Make up your mind,
Before we lose it all
Maybe that time
Has its own way of healin
Maybe it dries the tears in your eyes
But never change
The way that Im feelin
Only you can answer my cries


Anglo-Libyan said...

another reminder of my age :os

love the joke, im one of 2 Libyans :)

Desert Rose said...

Hi there !
Lovely to see you again .
Long time no see lol
have new url:
guess who?

Libyan Violet said...

Long time lurking - first time commenting here. PH I wanted to say that you have a way with words and your technical posts are a bonus to us all. As for the Europe song, I can't believe how long ago that was. Lovely choice. Take care and be well.

a_akak said...

that was good lol and very true

Fe Aman allah

Hiba said...

واصلني التعليق الأول من صديق وبعته من يوميين لليستا متاعي حتي اني
ونخاف يكون واصلك من نفس الي بعتلهم

Anglo-Libyan said...

ph, where are you?
inshaAllah all is well.

a_akak said...

Where have you been bro?

Fe Aman Allah

PH said...

Thanks everyone for your comments; sorry for my absence its just I've been busy and I'm not really in the mood to write. Maybe its writers block ....

salaam to you all :D