Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Craig's List Marriage Proposal

What am I doing wrong?
Okay, I'm tired of beating around the bush. I'm a beautiful
(spectacularly beautiful) 25 year old girl. I'm articulate and classy.
I'm not from New York. I'm looking to get married to a guy who makes at
least half a million a year. I know how that sounds, but keep in mind
that a million a year is middle class in New York City, so I don't think
I'm overreaching at all.

Are there any guys who make 500K or more on this board? Any wives? Could
you send me some tips? I dated a business man who makes average around
200 - 250. But that's where I seem to hit a roadblock. 250,000 won't get
me to central park west. I know a woman in my yoga class who was married
to an investment banker and lives in Tribeca, and she's not as pretty as
I am, nor is she a great genius. So what is she doing right? How do I
get to her level?

Here are my questions specifically:

- Where do you single rich men hang out? Give me specifics- bars,
restaurants, gyms

-What are you looking for in a mate? Be honest guys, you won't hurt my

-Is there an age range I should be targeting (I'm 25)?

- Why are some of the women living lavish lifestyles on the upper east
side so plain? I've seen really 'plain jane' boring types who have
nothing to offer married to incredibly wealthy guys. I've seen drop dead
gorgeous girls in singles bars in the east village. What's the story

- Jobs I should look out for? Everyone knows - lawyer, investment
banker, doctor. How much do those guys really make? And where do they
hang out? Where do the hedge fund guys hang out?

- How you decide marriage vs. just a girlfriend? I am looking for

Please hold your insults - I'm putting myself out there in an honest
way. Most beautiful women are superficial; at least I'm being up front
about it. I wouldn't be searching for these kind of guys if I wasn't
able to match them - in looks, culture, sophistication, and keeping a
nice home and hearth.

* it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or
other commercial interests

PostingID: 432279810
Dear Pers-431649184:
I read your posting with great interest and have thought meaningfully
about your dilemma. I offer the following analysis of your predicament.
Firstly, I'm not wasting your time, I qualify as a guy who fits your
bill; that is I make more than $500K per year. That said here's how I
see it.

Your offer, from the prospective of a guy like me, is plain and simple a
cr@ppy business deal. Here's why. Cutting through all the B.S., what you
suggest is a simple trade: you bring your looks to the party and I bring
my money. Fine, simple. But here's the rub, your looks will fade and my
money will likely continue into fact, it is very likely
that my income increases but it is an absolute certainty that you won't
be getting any more beautiful!

So, in economic terms you are a depreciating asset and I am an earning
asset. Not only are you a depreciating asset, your depreciation
accelerates! Let me explain, you're 25 now and will likely stay pretty
hot for the next 5 years, but less so each year. Then the fade begins in
earnest. By 35 stick a fork in you!

So in Wall Street terms, we would call you a trading position, not a buy
and hold...hence the rub...marriage. It doesn't make good business sense
to "buy you" (which is what you're asking) so I'd rather lease. In case
you think I'm being cruel, I would say the following. If my money were
to go away, so would you, so when your beauty fades I need an out. It's
as simple as that. So a deal that makes sense is dating, not marriage.

Separately, I was taught early in my career about efficient markets. So,
I wonder why a girl as "articulate, classy and spectacularly beautiful"
as you has been unable to find your sugar daddy. I find it hard to
believe that if you are as gorgeous as you say you are that the $500K
hasn't found you, if not only for a tryout.

By the way, you could always find a way to make your own money and then
we wouldn't need to have this difficult conversation.

With all that said, I must say you're going about it the right way.
I hope this is helpful, and if you want to enter into some sort of
lease, let me know.


Anonymous said...


PH said...

what ? 8-|

Anonymous said...

Just.... weird....

Anonymous said...

I've read this somewhere. Just can't place it where & when!

God, she must be a bimbo! As if looks (hers) matters (Yeah, and why am i looking at hot hot guys, can't help that you have to appreciate what God has created ;-P).

Plus sounds like a business agreement. No thanks! I'd rather stay single!

Anglo-Libyan said...

ph, I was shocked for a bit!!
I thought for a second that you are a 25 year old girl from new york :oS

I am glad you are still ph :o)
it just goes to show that relationships can be a form of business deals for some people, funny though

ibeebarbie said...

LOOOOOOOOOOOL! Now I've seen a lot of things on Craigslist, but this is truly priceless. I LOVE the


PH said...

@ rein :

"Plus sounds like a business agreement. No thanks! I'd rather stay single!"

Good to hear :P.

@ Anglo :

"it just goes to show that relationships can be a form of business deals for some people, funny though"

It is most of the time, even if not a financial business deal ..... it usually is an emotional business deal :P.

@ ibeebarbie :

Glad you enjoyed the response :D .... I was afraid you wouldn't like it :P.


white african said...

lol @ anglo, wlaahi i was thinking the same thing wooooooooooa ph is a girl, 25 from new york :)

cool post, i like it, luv the answer.

PH said...

"cool post, i like it, luv the answer."

Well I'm glad you liked the answer, I'm surprised most girls did though :P.

So would you prefer me to be a 25 years old girl then ? :P

Anonymous said...

Well, in itself the answer sure isn't one that any girl would want to hear. But it was aimed at that braindead bimbo, so that's all right.

Women like that give us all a bad name.

Unknown said...

that kind of action , need exactly that kind of response, simple enough : kan 9"dha, she deserve that answer.

ibeebarbie said...

No offense, but you'd be a really unattractice girl. :-P

PH said...

@ Melantrys :

"But it was aimed at that braindead bimbo, so that's all right."

=)) .

@ enlightened spirit :

"kan 9"dha, she deserve that answer."

Well, I'm glad that all of you agree on that :D.

@ ibeebarbie :

"No offense, but you'd be a really unattractice girl. :-P"

Thats the first time I've been offended by you :(( .... what do you mean I would look unattractive :-O I'm better looking than a good percentage of girls ;;) and all it would take to make me 'hot' is some make-up and maybe some hair removal :P and the hiding of my arms ( so as to not show my muscles :P )..... but I guess your just jealous and afraid of the competition :D .


ibeebarbie said...

LOOOOL - Me afraid of a little competition >:/. With regards to the comment "some hair removal":-j we both know you would need a little more than 'some'----because after all you look like your avatar, which is well 8->. So no need to be offended >:D<.