Thursday, November 8, 2007

XBox package for only £33.24

It seems that someone at Tesco made a mistake while he was tagging an XBox package they were offering online, so instead of pricing it at £332.40 the zero was omitted and it became £33.24 ( or at least thats the rumor :P).

Unfortunately for me I wasn't one of the lucky few who managed to place an order before the mistake was rectified, but according to the discussions going on on this blog it seems that even those who managed to place an order before the price was corrected weren't lucky enough for the order to go through. From what they say Tesco emailed the lucky unlucky purchasers to apologize for the mistake and inform them that their orders were canceled :(.


Anglo-Libyan said...

what a shame, that would have been bargain of the century :o)

dusk till dawn said...

that will be realy as they call it strike it lucky,or was it a catch 22,

PH said...

@ Anglo :

Yeah one of the guys supposedly made an order of more than 20 XBox's he would have made a lot out of it :PPPP.

@ DTD :

I actually read the news when the news websites hadn't reported that it had been fixed yet .... but by the time I got to the website it was gone :((((. I'll have to wait for another mistake :)))))).