Friday, August 24, 2007

Uploading personal video's to Blogger

Well given that today is Bloggers 8th anniversary, Blogger has enabled a number of new features ( while messing up some of the old - like RSS - for some bloggers ) among them the ability to browse the profiles of other bloggers who share your interests. By clicking one of the links on your profile, that highlight any of your interests or your profession, you will be directly taken to a page that lists all the bloggers that share that interest or profession with you, kind of like Googling ( well its Google so its to be expected :P ).

But For me the most important feature that they added was the ability to upload a video from your personal computer directly to your post, which you can do by pressing the new video icon on the top of your post editor that is located beside the image upload button. There is a 100 MB limit on the video size so if your video is bigger you would have to split it into 100 MB sized pieces.

Even though the uploaded video would be technically saved to Google video; but no public access would be allowed to it ( at least thats what they say :P ). Below is an example of a video I uploaded to make sure it really works ( hattip to Trabilsia for previously sharing it with us ) :P.


Anglo-Libyan said...

that is great, thank you ph for the info
im sure many of us will enjoy this feature.

btw, I do like this Tina Arena song, beautiful and very powerful.

ibeebarbie said...

Salam PH,
Wow - this is good to know. I know yesterday, unbeknowst to me, I stumbled onto this little button on the posting page.....thought I hit something wrong as I was trying to upload a picture.....LOL Now I know. :-P

PH said...

@ anglo :

You're welcome Anglo, as for Tina Arena's song it is powerful and thats why I downloaded it to my hard drive :P.

@ ibeebarbie :

Actually, I mentioned it because I remembered your question about posting Amira's video so I thought this would be a better solution :p.


ibeebarbie said...

Absolutely! I can't wait. Warming up the

dusk till dawn said...

what can i say PH a very hard work. well done, very useful information,

a_akak said...

althougt its a good thing but i think i will stick to my pic as i am a pic fan and i think videos spoil the moment as somethings are better left to out imgaination ;p

As for privacy, I DOUBT IT!!!! as google would give the videos to any "ONE"

Fe Aman allah

PH said...

@ ibeebarbie :

I'm just as excited ..... LOL .

@dusk till dawn :

Welcome to my blog and I hope you enjoy it here :P. Thanks for the compliments :).

@ a_akak :

Where have you been ? I'm still waiting for the restaurant pictures.
As for Google and privacy I totally agree with you ;) and thanks for passing by .


Highlander said...

Thanks so much PH now I don't need to worry about youtube and all the other technology yipee!

Anonymous said...

That's great. So I hope to see more vids!

PH said...

@ highlander :

You're welcome sis :P.

@ rien :

I'll try, but I've only being cutting back because a lot of people have limited bandwidth so I don't want to put to much of a load on them :P.


Lebeeya said...

Hey, cool!

Now, only if we could download videos from youtube to our desktop so we could upload them directly to a post :P

no public access would be allowed to it ( at least thats what they say :P ).

I don't believe Google.. do you know what google stands for?

Go Open Orange Go Look Eye

Ok, I just made that up :)

PH said...

Actually Lebeeya there a number of free websites and programs that allow you to download Youtube movies.

If you're using Firefox you can get the Media Pirate add-on which adds an icon beside the address bar. Just click it when you see a video you like and you will be taken to a website that provides a link to the video to download. You have to know that youtube videos are saved in the flv format so you need an flv player to watch them

There is also another free online service called VIXY which you can use and that also converts the videos to avi. Just put a link to the video in the empty box and press start and it will convert it to AVI and give you a link to download it from .

There are other solutions if you want, but they aren't free :P.

btw, why would you download it to upload it again ? why don't you just embed a youtube video into your post ? I've described it to Romana here.