Saturday, August 11, 2007

2007's Recommended Movie Viewing's - Updated

A friend recently asked me to recommend some movies to him as he wasn't as familiar with the movie scene as I am:P. So I thought while I'm at it I could make a post out of it and add my commentary to the movies . The movies below are the best of all the movies I've seen this year and I'll make a similar post for 2006; but of course I haven't seen all the movies that come out in the cinema's so I may have missed one or two good ones.
I've also added a short list of the movies I hope to watch in the upcoming two months. So if you haven't seen any of these movies you should :P and feel free to recommend any other movies from 2007, I may have missed, or to comment on my commentary.
btw the movies are ordered according to their box office revenues, based on this site.

Shrek the Third
This is a continuation of the series which is really funny and with better visual and audio effects than its predecessors.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
Another excellent movie from Johnny Depp, even though its the third part it's still not boring :P.

I liked it ( many didn't ); but I'm an old fan of Transformers and the movie presented a comical twist that is completely new and that made it fun.

Grade A cartoon really really funny totally unexpected and so far the best cartoon this year.

Wild Hogs
You have John Travolta, Martin Lawrence and Tim Allen in one comedy ... need I say more ?

Live Free or Die Hard
Again a great movie even though there are many hard to swallow feats; but the visual effects were great and they've got a hacker helping him this time :D.

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer
Being a Marvel Fan I've never hated a movie based on its comics other than Spiderman 3 and this one is better than the first Fantastic Four Movie.

Ocean's Thirteen
As good as the first one ( Ocean's Eleven ) and better than the second one plus there are too many good actors to miss an Ocean's movie.

Meet the Robinsons
This is a great Cartoon really funny and the digital effects and storyline are really good. Its set in the future so there are a lot of twists and unexpected events.

Evan Almighty
A family comedy with a subtle advocacy of nature preservation; but in this one Steve Carell is really funny. The story is based on the Story of Noah's( PBUH ) Ark.

I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry
Another Hilarious comedy in which two firefighters fake a same sex marriage in order to guarantee that the children of one of them don't loose out on the life insurance.

Similar to Nutty Professor and just as funny, Eddie Murphy taking on more than one role again; but with a romantic twist.

The Bourne Ultimatum
The final episode of this trilogy ( or so I'm guessing , if you've seen the first two parts a must see you get to see the ending and the action scenes in it are quite good filmed in numerous locations ( Moscow, London, Rome and Newyork ).

License to Wed
Ok, I'm a fan of Robin Williams so this might be biased but this movie is really funny and Josh Flitter makes it funnier.

Because I Said So
This is a dramatical romantic comedy; but again it is really funny and it has Mandy Moore in it ...... ( she is also in Licence to Wed ).

A great thriller with Anthony Hopkins playing a sadistic role similar to that of Hannibal in The Silence of the Lambs ..... but again with a great twist at the end ... shhh .

Smokin' Aces
A shoot 'em up with a lot of action, a lot of good actors and many intertwined plots ...

The Number 23
I never wanted to watch this movie; but a friend convinced me to see it. I mean Jim Carrey in a thriller ..... but it completely took me by surprise totally thrilling movie.

If you're familiar with the original crimes of the alleged Zodiac killer there is nothing new for you here; but if not ( like I wasn't ) its a great movie even if it is a bit too long :p.

Great spy thriller, very tense, I can't say more than that otherwise I would ruin the plot :p.

Mr Brooks
Here Kevin Costner is a sadistic killer with dual personality syndrome and he is fighting his own urges to kill .... I mean he is trying to .....

Hannibal Rising
The only thing that got me angry at this movie is why it wasn't shown before the other parts they would have made more sense, had it been shown earlier. Not for the faint of heart though a bit gruesome .

Hot Fuzz
English police comedy I guess maybe the english accent cracked me up more than anything else :)))).

Nicolas Cage in a Sci-Fi which is really good and has a lot of weird action in it.

Catch and Release
Jennifer Garner in a Dramatic Comedy try to overcome the death of her fiance ( who died on their wedding day ) which exposes her to a lot of his secrets.

The Namesake
Now this is a special movie for all those living in diaspora, I think everyone living abroad can associate with this film. Its actually address's Brave Hearts post on Second Generation Issues ( you should find the solution to your question there Brave Heart :)) ).

I Think I Love My Wife
Really funny comedy with Chris Rock on how the hardships of life can ruin a marriage .....

The Wind That Shakes The Barley
This is a political movie. It shows how the British manipulated the Irish, in an attempt to block their independence, after the Anglo-Irish treaty signed on December the 6th 1921, causing/resulting in a civil war. There is a really tragic ending to it as well; which I can't tell as it spoil the movie . It reminds me of another civil war going on ...........

Anticipated Movies

Illegal Tender


Death Sentence

The Brave One

Update :

My discussion with Ibeebaribie in the comment section reminded me of a 2007 movie I had forgotten, which wasn't listed in the site I relied on, so in this section I'll add any more good movies that come to mind or any movies I haven't seen and are recommended by anyone else :).

Music and Lyrics
Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore in a comedy that relies on a lot of 80's style singing......


ibeebarbie said...

Salam PH,
Great job! I can't wait to see some of the movies you have listed as I just wasn't certain, but your comments confirmed I'd like to see them.

I know deep down inside you really want to see or have seen Hairspray, but just don't want to admit it. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL kidding!

PH said...

"I know deep down inside you really want to see or have seen Hairspray, but just don't want to admit it."


Actually, the only musicals I've ever watched ( if my memory doesn't fail me ) were Moulin Rouge and Chicago :); but you reminded me of another good movie, Music and Lyrics, which I completely forgot ... I'll have to update the post :P.



Lost-Libyan said...

well, I ve seen most of the movies u mentioned! but by far "zodiac" was off the hook! it was amazing, Im downloading it right now, its a must have item!
thanks for the bloogergator! its really cool :P

PH said...

Yes, the Zodiac was a great movie, but it gets boring in the end ... at least it was for me, I think its too long :P.

"thanks for the bloogergator! its really cool :P

Your welcome ... I don't like collecting DVD's or CD's of movies .... too much hassle, once I watch it thats it, I only watch reruns on the TV if there are any :P.


Lost-Libyan said...

well, I do get them on DVDs and download them coz I want to spread the joy I got from them onto my social network ;)...its kind of charity lol :P

Highlander said...

Thanks PH :) I already have some of them but did not have to watch them but I'm going to buy the rest DVDs only cost 2.50 dinars now, quicker than downloading for me if I don't want to ruin my 5 giga allowance ( ADSL ) LOL.

Can't wait for the 2006 movies :P

While you are at it how about 2005 :)

duniazad said...

Wow that's a lot of movies! I'll just have to wait till they come on mbc2 :D

I've been waiting for Babel for ages and it's finally coming on this month, actually another one was Syriana but there's no way they'll bring that on and I haven't found a DVD either =(

LadyCroc said...

Have you seen "Planet terror - Grind House" - because I am to see it this week inshallah and wonder if its really as good as recommended by friends.

Wait until end of 2007 and you will see "I am Legend" with Will Smith; this is the movie I´m waiting for in anticipation!!!

Anglo-Libyan said...

so many films!
I am a film fan but dont get to see many these days.
I have watched
shrek the 3rd
Hot Fuzz (great UK Comedy)
another film I watched few months ago was, 28 years later, which is a follow up to 28 days later (British Horror)

thanks for your recommendation, I will try to get some DVDs (from the Chinese sellers all over London lol).

PH said...

@ lost-libyan :

Thats good of you I sometimes get DVD's to pass on to my friends too; but they prefer Anime as they can get their hands on any movie they want in Libya easily.

@ highlander :

"Thanks PH :) "

You're welcome.

"While you are at it how about 2005 :)"

2005 ???? I can't remember that far back, at the most I could only point to the good movies, but I doubt I could remember why I thought it was good :P.

@ duniazad :

"I've been waiting for Babel for ages and it's finally coming on this month"

Really that was quick, are you sure about that ? It's still relatively new .

"actually another one was Syriana but there's no way they'll bring that on and I haven't found a DVD either =("

It might take them some time to bring it yes, but I think they'll show it at the end. I'm surprised you haven't found it on DVD yet I'm sure you can get it from Benghazi if you have anyone going there ask them to bring it with them .

@ safia :

"Have you seen "Planet terror - Grind House" -"

I went in to watch it and left after half an hour and got my ticket refunded .... there is no story, just killing and blood among other things its like a bad 70's horror movie. Even though I liked Quentin's other movies this one got out of hand, in my view. I even saw an interview with him on Jay Leno and he was really losing it and getting egotistic on everyone .
If you see it tell me what you think :).

I agree with you on the Will Smith movie though I think its going to be good as well . I've been seeing the trailer for the past few weeks .

@ Anglo :

"thanks for your recommendation"

you're welcome and I especially like Hot fuzz as well :P.

"thanks for your recommendation, I will try to get some DVDs (from the Chinese sellers all over London lol)."

Yes we have those as well .... funny isn't it :)).

salaam all

Brave Heart said...

the last movie i have seen, was the last samori, and i think it was last year

PH said...

You need to get out more brave heart ... maybe get to see some more comedies :).