Friday, August 19, 2011

The End ?

A lot of good news in the last few days; but today seems to have had the biggest share so far of good news and martyrs ( lost the relatives of three friends in one day in Zliten, Gherian and Brega ). The rebels have freed Zawiya, Zliten, Gherian and Brega and are now, reportedly, rising from inside of Tripoli. Not only that; but it seems that some of our brave special forces ( two battalions of 350 each ) who have been under training in Urban warfare from the beginning of the revolution have landed into Tripoli by Sea.
Let's pray that this revolution will end without any further deaths and destruction to our capital and it's population; we have lost enough people as it is!


Lebeeya said...

Ameeeeeeeeeeeen! A new beginning is near inshallah. Looking forward to a liberated and free Libya.

PH said...

Become Official :

From a top NTC official: "Two units have infiltrated the capital yesterday,a special forces unit and Zintan fighting unit."