Monday, May 3, 2010

Women ..............

How come women only want you when you're not there ? Why can't they appreciate men when they are around ? Why do they have to loose them to want them and appreciate them ?


Lebeeya said...

This is due to our inner Drama complex, driven by emotion and hormonal imbalance, which causes us to be more dramatic than necessary.

Women tend to act odd when they are confused and are going through a difficult phase. I agree, we can be very irrational at times but it's only until we sort ourselves out (in our head).

Hope that helps!

ibeebarbie said...

Salam PH,
The right woman would be none of these. Although the hunt to find this rare breed may be tasking some days, in the end, she'll be worth your patience.

Unknown said...

This is how this was originally written, but then the Subjective and the objective can be modified accordingly.

How come we only want things when the thing is not there ? Why can't we appreciate things when they are around ? Why do we have to loose things to want them and appreciate them ?

This is a normal behavior of human being not restricted to women.

You Don't Appreciate It Till It's Gone.

Lebeeya ... Don't u think that he talks in obscure way about LBMB campaign ?! It is not only about men and women. but he is trying to complain vaguely about it, so he makes it about women! hmmm! interseting!

We have to keep our eyes open Lebeeya.

Lebeeya said...

ES, I like how you think (And I feel like an idiot for not thinking of that). Ph and Brave heart have always stood side by side, though they take different approaches. Brave heart’s approach is ATTACK ATTACK and declaration of war, while Ph’s strategy is to silently cause corruption by sending hidden messages via his posts.

It is a sad commonplace that we do not appreciate things until they are gone. We are all decent people.

Herr Esharif said...

simply cuz women weak humanbean always feel like wanna men beside her altough may act vice that ...

Goodluck bro ...


on the edge said...

Ah , the mystery's of Allah .

PH said...

@Lebeeya :

"hormonal imbalance"

I think it's more hormonal imbalance, than the other things you listed.

"but it's only until we sort ourselves out (in our head)"

Which is usually done by shock therapy; as a result of loosing what you thought wasn't good enough for you ?

"Hope that helps!"

Yup that totally cleared things up ! So you're all nuts ?

@ibeebarbie :

Thanks for that ! Even though I think it's more a matter of finding a women in the right state of mind to accept and realize our worth. I think its more a question of timing than her being the right or wrong women ?

@ enlightened :

You replacing subjects with objects ? Are you comparing a man and women's need for each other as emotional human beings to the materialist needs for inanimate objects ? Touche I thought you were a romantic ?
On a serious note though, women always start with low expectations in men and when the man meets their expectations they keep raising the bar irrationally and never know when to stop raising it. Until they reach a point where they loose the guy and ruin the relationship for both of them and only then realize that he was actually ok for her and was better than the other guys.

@ Lebeeya ( again ):

I wasn't sending any hidden messages in my first comment I was just teasing you and poking fun at your comment :). I know you were serious in the comment; but I couldn't help not being sarcastic. ( seriously I'm joking :) )

PH said...

@ abdullah :

They want and don't want. they need and don't need. It all depends on the time of day, day of month and how needy they are. It's like medicine to them; too much drives them crazy and too little drives them crazy ... have to calibrate and keep control :)).

@ on the edge :

You know that the people confused the most with the mystery of women are women themselves. If only women would understand themselves it would be so much easier ;).

salaam and glad this brought you all out !

Unknown said...

" Touche I thought you were a romantic ? "

Ouch! you broke my heart...
If you want to see my romance, check my last comments on the last post for Brave heart "Facebook cousins".
I expressed my romantic side very well in there.

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

why does almost everyone write 'loose' instead of 'lose'? this is a very widespread mistake!

ibeebarbie said...

Salam PH

Well as an overall generalized statement "On a serious note though, women always start with low expectations in men" I couldn't agree more. Also "If only women would understand themselves it would be so much easier" would be true in the sense of then understanding what they want and what they will settle for in a partner. Unfortunately, too often, women (generally speaking as to not offend) tend to attract a partner then after short observation of him decide they need to "fix" him. Never once realizing perhaps they selected someone who didn't meet their original critia in a partner.

Anonymous said...


It's me RED!

Perhaps, absence makes the heart grow fonder?! Or perhaps, she's blinded by the "artificial" beauty she sees out there?