Monday, May 25, 2009

Updates on the New York Terrorist plots

According to this article, the imam of the mosque the FBI informant was dispatched to said that when the FBI informant "came to the mosque and started talking about jihad (holy war) – apparently to identify radical elements for his FBI handlers – several members immediately concluded that he must be a government agent", which isn't a surprise given that most Muslims come from police states and can smell out a pimp government agent from a mile away.
The FBI informant was a former Pakistani hotel owner who agreed to cooperate with the FBI to avoid being deported to back Pakistan on non-terrorism related fraud charges, which in itself tells you the type of scumbag he and his handlers were!
One of the defence lawyers even said that “It is almost as if the FBI cooked up the plot and found four idiots to install as defendants.”, which isn't that far fetched if you consider what the "terrorists" girlfriends and families said of the informant:

From The New York Post:

She said Maqsood promised to get Cromitie jobs and once said he would give him a black Mercedes-Benz. On repeated occasions, he gave Cromitie cameras, cash and even drugs, she said.

"Maqsood gave him a lot of marijuana," she said.

An FBI spokesman did not return a call for comment on the alleged gift giving.

Williams' mother, Elizabeth McWilliams, said her son fell under Maqsood's sway in April with promises to help with medical bills for his sick brother.

From The New York Daily News:

"Maqsood would keep ringing our doorbell, and James would hide behind the sofa," Baynes said.

"I know something wasn't right with Maqsood from the beginning. He would call and say, 'I got lots of money. Anything you need I can give you, sister.'"


"It's all a lie, and the government knows deep down inside that these four men are not terrorists," Baynes said. "We're going to stand together as a family and watch God move mountains."

Now the real icing on the cake comes from the head of New York's FBI office who said :
"We are not entrapping or encouraging anyone to commit a crime," "We merely facilitated their wishes."



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