Sunday, April 19, 2009

ticking time bomb

I'm pretty sure you've all read about Obama granting clemency to the CIA operatives who committed torture. Some of you might have read about how it was medical psychologists ( here and here actually there are reports that even khalid sheikh mohammeds children were tortured using this technique - aged 7 ? -)who made it possible; of course I really don't want to get into it's details as it is becoming boring and it's not as if those in denial will admit that their country does these things nor will those suffering from colonial mentality admit that the west ain't that superior, so apart from referencing it I really see no reason for mentioning it in depth.
Actually the only reason I gave such a long and boring introduction was so I could share the best comment on this topic I've read so far :)) ........ :

"Remember we have to torture because of the "ticking time bomb" scenario? 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was waterboarded 183 times. "There better be a pretty damned long fuse on that ticking time bomb." "

You can find it's source here.


on the edge said...

Torture by anyone for any reason is WRONG, WRONG , WRONG !!!! No matter what the reason , or the cause and has been banned by most nations for that reason , BUT many continue to practice it even still .

It is a blight on the reputation of any nation that uses torture as a means to get information . Mainly because a human can only stand so much pain and then will say anything to make it stop , so how trust worthy is ANY information received in this manner ?