Monday, January 19, 2009

New Terrorist Organization

Since this isn't getting much attention I'm posting it as is from angry arabs website :

Do people know about this?

This did not get any mention in the US press. The US government has decided to declare the reconstruction project of the southern suburbs of Beirut (known as Wa`d), as a terrorist organization. Do you know what that means? The US does not want people to donate money for the reconstruction of the southern suburbs after its destruction by US-made (and granted) bombs in the Israeli war on Lebanon in 2006. The US claims that the project is tied to Hizbullah, which it is, but what does that mean? The concrete and wood and cement become terrorist tools here? Is the US worried that the buildings may be used to threaten Israel? And how far will this go and when will it end? Terrorist hospitals and terrorist construction projects and terrorist drinking fountains and terrorist welfare organizations. Oh, and Israel just introduced the notion of terrorist beds: that explains why it killed so many children in Gaza. You see, they were sleeping in terrorist beds.


on the edge said...

Oh God ! What next ? I wonder if it was Bechtel or Haliburton doing the reconstruction would it still be considered a terrorist operated thing ?

Romana said...


What pisses me off, beyond anything is that they can do whatever they want, and no one can do anything to stop them!

I wonder when will we be next? Are we obeying them properly enough for us not to get any of their lashings?

maho 7ni nestahlou, o & they say, al umma al 3arabiya… only when its convient to its decisions we become an umma 3arabiya

PH said...

Well we are still on the list, it's just that we are behaving right now so it's not worth the war :(.