Sunday, December 14, 2008

Some good news out of Iraq ......... at last


Nasimlibya `√ said...

very funny
but i'm sorry for that journalist if he still a live

Unknown said...

A memorial goodbye kiss...
but the ironic thing is that the Americans clapped and cheered for the journalist, while the iraque authorities arrested him.

Halawa said...

That's a man!

He put smiles on faces ALL over the world... that's enough.

I just hope he makes it out after that.. May Allah help him.

Highlander said...

That journalist has the cojones ! :) I hope he survives !

on the edge said...

Cojones or not , there will be heads that roll over this incident .Not just the journalist either , but all the security people that were asleep at the wheel .But it does make one smile doesn't it .

Unknown said...

Anonymous said...

What security on the edge ? those are shoes not WMD :P
but you are right a few heads will roll ..

Romana said...

Salam PH :)

happy belated Eid.

did you know that the shoe was bid on for $10M by a Saudi entrepreneur ??? isnt that a bit sad? and for one shoe!

it is a funny moment in history, but not so funny for the journalist because apparently he's still being held captive and God knows what the Iraqi authorities are doing to him!

holyday said...

salam elik
this not enophe
2 liks mans

good luck
ur sister
girl from another time