Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Libya Qualifies for Futsal World Cup Championship

I just heard this piece of news, that went largely unnoticed, from a friend and googled it online, and it seems that Libya's Futsal football ( indoor football ) team won the CAF Futsal Championship. It should be said that it is the first time that Egypt looses the Championship in three years, in the process Libya's team defeated Morocco, Nigeria, Tunisia and Cameroon ( isn't it strange how all the Arab teams always end up in the same group ? :-? )

This victory qualifies it, with Egypt, to play in the Futsal World Cup Championship between the 30th of September and 19th of October in Brazil. There will be 20 Teams participating so it looks like there is going to be stiff competition; but lets hope that they at least leave a good impression on the international stage.

Mabrouk to the Libyan team and good luck to all the participants :D .