Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Offline Ramadan Greetings :))))

I just got this from a friend and I was laughing my head off when I read it ( he is a guy ), but it is sweet right ? so I think its worth sharing maybe somebody else could put it too good use :)))).

يادانه في البحور يازهره بين الزهور أهنيك بقرب رمضان زينة الشهور ... السنة تمشي وتـدور ويجي احلى الشهـور ونقول لاغلى القلـوب كل عام وأنت بصحه وسرور


Anglo-Libyan said...

very cute :o)

I got many texts on my phone with simillar stuff

PH said...

"I got many texts on my phone with simillar stuff"

Really ? thats great around here they don't send out Arabic messages on their phones ( don't know why ), so I got it by yahoo......... but thats good enough :P.


a_akak said...

that is a good one and thx for sharing it

as for arabic msgs, i got a number of msgs from libya in arabic as well as from various parts of the world

Fe Aman Allah

BuJ said...


Thanks for passing by my humble abode.. man,, i need to update my blog.. but there's so much happening offline and so little to write about online :)

I love those SMS's you get at Ramadan and Eid time.. who said Arabs aren't doing their bit for the environment? We're brilliant recyclers!

PH said...

@ a_akak :

You're welcome, glad you liked it.

@ buj :

come on, nothing happening online ? It seems your just to busy offline to bother with us simpletons :P.
Yes we have to do our part as well towards global warming nothing better than recycling words :))))))).


Misratia said...

really cute

I will add it to my template folder :)


piccolina said...

that was very nice thanks for posting it :))

P.S can u take off that word verfiction thing off ..Grrrr it pisses me off !!


PH said...

@ misratia :

glad you liked it and its nice to see you around :).

@ piccolina :

You're welcome and I just removed the word verification even though that would mean me getting more spam, but we can't have anything deterring you from commenting can we :D.


Romana said...

haha nice

we get lots of this in libya, lots!

Lebeeya said...

Your guy friend must really like you LOL :P :P

Ramadan is great. I love how your phone doesnt stop ringing with msgs from ppl who sometimes rememeber u ONCE every year! lol i wont complain cuz i do the same..

PH said...

@ romana :

Ramadan Mubarak and welcome back :P.

@ Lebeeya :

"Your guy friend must really like you LOL :P :P

Shino 9asdik ?????? * joking *

Yup it is a great time in that it gets people together .


ho said...

I have cousin who always send me these sweet sms that if anyone reads will think it's from a girl even one of my friends once saw a sms and told me why you stored this girl's number as Mohamed-z- :P