Sunday, June 24, 2007

Pictures of Benghazi, Misrata and the Green Mountains

I've just finished uploading some pictures I have of the East of Libya to a Flickr account for those interested or nostalgic :p. You can find the link at the bottom of the left sidebar . After I finished uploading the pictures I have of the east of Libya I started uploading the pictures I have of the West, starting with Misrata, assuming that Flickr's limit on pictures is with respects to storage space only ( 100 MB ), it turns out that there is also a limit on the number of images I wasn't aware of :( (200 pictures ) which I exceeded so there are 2 more pictures of Misrata you won't be able to see and nothing from Tripoli or Lubda :(. Here is a link to the images, apart from the one on the sidebar. I should note that most of these pictures aren't mine they're an acquaintances pictures, who has granted me permission to post them ............. so enjoy.


a_akak said...

Thanks for the pictues and i dont need to tell you how much i love to take pictures, BTW did you take them? and would you mind if i downloaded a few? as my colleagues at work want to see some pic but me being me have been to lazy and i think it would be easier just to take yours :P

Fe Aman Allah

Anglo-Libyan said...

Misrata is looking good, are you Misrati originally like me? :o)

I had the same problem with flickr so I actually paid them for a subscription and now my account is limitless and it only cost me about £12 a year ($20) I think its worth it.

PH said...

@ a_akak :

"BTW did you take them"

No I don't have any personal pictures without me or a member of my family in them, so I can't post them, even though I have better views in my pictures ( the one in the banner and the one on the right sidebar is mine ).

"would you mind if i downloaded a few?"

Of course you can download them bro no problem at all :).

@ Anglo-Libyan :

Yes , it is looking very well and she's doing very well its one of the best organized cities right now ...... did you know that people from Benghazi and some from Tripoli actually import their stuff through Misrata sea port because its so well organized?

"are you Misrati originally like me?"

Originally, a long time ago Turkish / Misrati as most Misrati's are :D, thats why I made the joke about my friends Misrati grandfather :P.

"I had the same problem with flickr so I actually paid them for a subscription"

I'm thinking about using another email account to upload the rest of my pictures , still haven't decided though :D .


Anonymous said...

hi, i would be interested to learn more about Misrata. i have a friend there and i wish i cold talk to him. are there internet cafes there? could you recommend me some? how about some restaurants?