Thursday, September 17, 2009

Kanye West on Patrick Swayze

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Even as the buzz on Twitter, Facebook, and the universe of entertainment news outlets is humming with the discussion of the hip-hop star’s outrageous antics at the MTV Videao Music Awards, Kanye West doubled down on his image as an outspoken and no-holds-barred loudmouth yesterday.

During a service being held to remember the life and career Patrick Swayze, West barged his way into the pastor’s pulpit, comandered [sic] the mic and launched into a tyrade [sic] on the ’80s star’s death and funeral.

After seizing the platform from the startled reverend West said, “I’m happy for your Patrick and I’ll let them finish your service in a minute but I just wanted to say that Michael had one of the best funerals ever!”

Swayze was unavailable for comment.


on the edge said...

I find his behavior very bad form .That would be like him saying something at your loved ones funeral comparing it to Michael Jackson's . Since his mother passed away he has lost the plot .